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Spa for non-skiers?

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My sons and I ski but my wife doesn't (age and injuries have taken their toll, unfortunately).

For the last couple of years, we have skied at Stowe and stayed at Topnotch. My wife loves it at Topnotch, which has a marvelous spa and fitness center. However, she is looking for a change next March. Could anyone comment on the on-site spa and fitness facilities available to non-skiers at:

The Mount Washington Hotel (Bretton Woods)

The Grand Summit or the Jordan hotels (Sunday River)?

We will be staying for a week or so, and my sons and I will be on the hill all day, so it's important that there be a lot to do on the hotel premises. The spa treatments at Topnotch have been an acceptable trade so far for a full day of neglect! Reading in front of a fire, no matter how luxurious the surroundings, won't cut it.

I'm looking at Bretton Woods and Sunday River because we'll be going in the last half of March and we'd like good conditions. For that reason we are shying away a bit from the Equinox in Manchester (Stratton/Bromley).

I'd appreciate other ideas. For various reasons, a trip West is not in the cards this season.
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Hi Zeke. Not to be "snooty," but as a fitness professional, I would hardly call the facility at the Grand Jordan a "spa". I have not seen the spa at Bretton, so I can't comment. The Gren Mountin Spa is in the vicinity of Okemo, but I have not visited it.

Having conducted a training for the instructors at Topnotch, a number of years ago, I can tell you that it will be a hard act to floow. Have you considered the Western spas, such as the ones at Snowbird or Whistler?
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I would agree with Lisamarie.... the Grand Jordan is a nice hotel but not a spa. We stayed there two winters ago...nice indoor outdoor pool and a few activities during the day but very limited.

If you have narrowed it down to Jordan and Washington Hotel then the Mount Washington Hotel is the better bet. The Mount Washington is a top notch hotel with many activities. This hotel is quite an experience, if $ are not an issue.
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Zeke - I know you said you were shying away from the Equinox in Manchester, but could I piggy-back on your thread for just a sec. My wife is in pretty good shape, but a non-skier, so I keep my ears open for info on places (like the Equinox) that she might enjoy in order to try to entice her to come along on some of our ski trips.

I only know (quite indirectly) one person who has ever been to the Equinox, and they said that it was costly but very nice - much more geared towards conventional "ladies pampering" than towards fitness. Is this what you have heard? Anyone else with info on the place?

Tom / PM

PS - BTW, as ski areas near Manchester, I've got to give Bromley and Magic (a bit further down the road) a [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] . I realize that many people won't like their old-time, comparitively spartan feel, but I felt like I was "home" and plenty entertained.
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I don't know much about Sunday River, but both Manchester and North Conway (near Mount Washington) are serious shopping zones. It might be cheaper to send her to Spain or Cancun for the week.
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