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Jackson Hole vs Telluride......

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First time skiing the States Feb 07, we have two weeks at Steamboat but can't decide on Jackson Hole or Telluride... We are black run, off the trails, tree fans but the info out there for JH is steep steep and more steep.....is there enough without jumping into a chute or over a cliff to keep it interesting but not terrifying??? How does the scenery(both seem beautiful) costs and ambience of the towns compare. We are lovers of Lake Louise/Sunshine and Fernie so a comparison of the terrain would be great...

Snow White
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Visited JHole a few years ago...has just the right steeps I think you would be happy with! Beautiful scenery with the Tetons, has a real rustic feel, cowboy country. Go to Mangy Moose for dinner, a must! Have not been to TRide, but is on our list as well. The flight into JHole airport is a hoot too!
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If you like Fernie and Lake Louise/Sunshine, I should think you'd enjoy the terrain at both Jackson Hole and Telluride. Fernie is a favorite of ours, and Lake Louise/Sunshine aren't far behind. Yes, JH has some "scare the pants off you" steeps, but there is plenty of other advanced and expert terrain to choose from if you're not into that. What I like about JH is the opportunity to really push your limits and improve your skiing. After skiing at JH, I definitely was a much better skier and it made me feel less initimated by steeps at other resorts. Both resorts also have excellent intermediate terrain in case anyone feels they want to knock it down a notch. Jackson intentionally leaves some of the intermediate terrain ungroomed, and that's lots of fun after you've pushed yourself on the tougher terrain. Both resorts are usually uncrowded because they are a bit off the beaten path, requiring an extra plane leg that many people just don't want to take. If you're like us, that's what makes a resort a "must visit," as we really don't like the crowded resorts.

The towns are very different: Jackson Hole is more "rough and tumble" with a hint of refinement, while Telluride is a very swanky Victorian town. Both are beautiful towns with breathtaking environments. The town of Telluride sits at the bottom of a red-rock desert canyon and on one side of town, the red rock rises toward the sky while on the other side, snow-capped, craggy Alpine granite soars above you. There are several peaks that rise above 14,000 feet, which you can see once you've taken lifts up into the mountains. The entire town is a National Historic District, with brightly painted buildings, and feels very authentic. If you want to visit and ski in an area of the U.S. that offers a huge contrast in environment, this is the place. Jackson Hole, on the other hand, is all about vast open space. Jagged peaks soar out of a narrow flat plain that's sliced by the winding Snake River. Jackson is part of 1.7-million acres of national forest and right next to the Grand Teton National Park. When you stand at the top of the mountain, you are really hit by the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. (Ever been to Kicking Horse? It feels much like that.) Jackson also has Victorian buildings that have been renovated for coffeehouses, galleries, boutiques and restaurants. There are many ranches in the area, so you'll see real cowboys in town too.

As for cost, they are fairly comparable. You can spend as much or as little as you want on lodging and dining, and have fine experiences at both resorts. Perhaps Jackson has a bit more to choose from on the "lower end" of the price scale because part of their target market is the "ski bum." But overall, I don't think there's a huge difference. The daily ticket price at Telluride is higher, but once you've booked a lodging-and-lift package, you won't notice the difference.

I hope that helps a bit!

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If you like Lake Louise/Sunshine and Fernie then you will enjoy the skiing at both Jackson and Telluride. JH has a bigger (and I think better) mountain than T-ride, but you need good weather and good snow to enjoy it. T-ride tends to have much more sunshine and fair weather. JH is the best mountain in the US but it is ugly if you don't have good snow or if the weather is bad, which happens a little too often. It would be best if you can wait until you get to Steamboat to decide which one to pick.

If this were my first trip to the US I would go from Steamboat to Snowbird/Alta. It is a much easier drive than JH or T-ride and you have a much better chance of new powder. Accomodations are easy to find in Sandy and everything is much cheaper than JH or T-ride.
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when comparing the two, and originating from Steamboat, I'd pick Jackson. It's still a haul to get there, but fewer passes to cross the get there.

Yes, JH has steeps, but there are plenty of doable blacks and double blues. The one disadvantage - it can be cold there, but is generally warmer in February. And, if you want powder (and, generally lots of it), Grand Targhee is just over Teton Pass.
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Almost forgot, Winter Park is around 2 hours from Steamboat. More trees and steeps than you'll know what to do with from the Mary Jane base.
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I think JH and Tell are strikingly similar in alot of ways. Great terrain, very out of the way places, day skiers are locals.

If your looking for unique non-skiing experiences I think that is where JH goes ahead of the pack. Snowmobiling into Yellowstone, isolated natural hot springs, the wildlife, riding into a herd of 10,000 elk in the National Elk Refuge, x-c skiing in front of the Tetons, Sunday night at the Stagecoach in Wilson, the number and quality of art galleries including the National Wildlife Art Museum and last but not least the chance to hook up with Bob Peters for local info and guiding.

Like others have said you can't go wrong with either place probably depends on your personal preferences.
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I don't think there is any question -- JH by a landslide.
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Thanks for the feedback

.....hard choice, sounds like both are amazing, we will have to come back to visit the states again, so many great destinations.
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Just to amplify, JH has absolutely the most amazing terrain of anywhere I have skied. It has it all -- trees, steeps, chutes, cliffs, groomed, ungroomed, and yes, even a few (and I do mean a few) bumps. Of course, if you want bumps, go to the Jane. There is more stuff to ski packed into the area than you will find most anywhere in North America (Whistler, of course, being the primary exception). And if you get bored with what is in bounds, you can rent a guide or venture out of bounds on your own.

Telluride is a very nice area, but it is not, in my opinion, in the same league as JH.

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I agree that JH has much more expansive terrain. BUT these two areas are complete opposites in most favorable snow conditions. Jackson is much better early, Telluride much better late. If you're any later than Feb. 15 you should go to Telluride. Steamboat is favored in early season for the same reason as Jackson: abundant snowfall but very sunny exposure. So if you want Steamboat and Jackson I'd back up the start of the trip to mid-January.
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