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Skiing on July 29th.

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Whistler Glacier, July 29th. 50-60 degrees F. Partly Sunny, we did get fogged in for about 20 minutes, 15-0 feet visibility, but then the sun came out for the rest of the day. The day? 12-2:45pm. Cost 50.00 Canadian (which is now just about the same US: ) Rentals 35.00----my afternoon PRICELESS. I think I have my mouth wide open with glee.

Those would be goggles on my head. My shins have tiny cuts in them from the ice crystals smacking them---aaaaahhh the pain feels sooooo good.

Sorry for the free hand.....I just had to do it.

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You forgot to show the sweat pouring off the stick figure. Speaking of sticks, what's with those boney ass looking legs of yours? The fitness forum is 2 down from here and weight training is currently at the top of the list down there.
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The stick figure makes it worth an extra smile!
Thanks for sharing.
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lol that is way too funny, maybe pants next time?
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Pants? You cannot ski on July 29th in stinking pants......

Boney legs? Ok, so I got boney legs----the better to judge my stance with.

Some 14 yr old warned me....You are going to wish you had pants...they salted the gates and you are going to fall. Good advice....little did he know I was not running them. Moguls, Moguls, Moguls----wide open edging, then back to Moguls.....
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