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Looking for "Classic" old boots. Rosemont, Raichle

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Looking for my Classic ski collection.
Rosemont boots.
Red Raichle fiberglass fold up shell with silver moon boot liners.

Any one have these that they'd like to part with?
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Raichle Red Hots, in their day, they were a very cool boot.

Is there a Henke in the collection? Was it an oversight, or do you already own a pair of the original magnesium Daleboots with the foam liners? What boot collection would be complete without a pair of Hanson Exhibitions. Or the Nordica Banana boots. Or Kastinger World Cups. Lange "coffins" Comps? Black shell, white liner, no hinge . . . . leaks like a screen door in a hurricane.

Somebody stop me . . . . .
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Though I won't part with them, these were displayed in the lodge at my ski area before remodeling.


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Ott those are awsome , once again your post brings with it a feeling that "I WISH I WAS THERE". Just like bait on a hook , now you have us ........time for another story if your willing .
Some of us have lived vicariously through you in the past but some have not had the pleasure , I would even settle for a re-run.

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Humanics? Nordica banana boots, I used to have apair of Trappeur Comps skied in em till the liners disintegrated.
Jet sticks... Showing my age here.
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Leeroy, I'm on my way out the door to go skiing for three weeks, be back about the 15th of March, but the Sigi stories are all still here, they are stored by AC in the Premium Articles section which is only accessable to Epicski supporters I believe. Maybe he is willing to put them out in the general area for a limited time, ask him nicely.

See you guys in March...


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Wow! It's amazing the emotion that we can associate with our old equipment. I remember when my neighbor got the red and blue Rosemounts which were their top of the line. I beieve the year was 1969. I think they were an unheard of $200. I had a blue pair of Rachile Red Hots and a pair of Jet Sticks. The Jet Sticks were purchased so I could have same setup as Corky Fowlwer. The Jet Sticks are still in my mother's cellar up in Kane,Pa.

The Nordica Banana boot was definitely the bomb in the early 70's. I forgot how badly I wanted a pair of those. My good buddy in college had a pair of the foamed Trappeurs. Just like Killy and a lot of the other pro racers skied.

It doesn't get anymore authentic than Ott's old boots made in Austria. I'm 49 been skiing 40 years and started with a pair of leather lace up boots. Went from those to a pair of chrome tanned buckled Rikers, and thought I was the luckiest guy in the world.

Once a gear head always a gear head. What would really be wild, would be skier time travel going back to your local hill lets say frozen in time 1969 , with your 12 meter slalom skis, and see what the reactions would be when you skied by making turns that were pretty much impossible to make 30 some years ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the posts and realizing I have not been alone regarding my love of ski gear.

I guess there are worse vices!
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