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Help me pick out some gear.

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Hello everyone. First time poster here. I was looking through a few ski forums and this one seemed to be the best so I joined up.

A little about me. I started skiing when I was 13 years old. I went skiing every season till I was 23. I had all my equipment stolen and never got around to buying new kit. Plus I moved to california, sold my truck and been riding motorcycles ever since. Well I decided this past winter that I miss the sport I once loved more than anything and I waited till summer to buy my equipment.

It's been around 10 years since I've skied. I'm afraid I'm completely out of the loop and have no idea what brands and models I should be looking at.

Back when I skied every chance I had I would say my skill level was above average. Not expert or pro level but experienced for sure. Intermediate seems below my level using the 1 through 10 ranking I would say I'm a 7 maybe a 8. I ski double diamonds and love speed. Not into moguls though.

I'm looking for a ski that will be forgiving and is designed for hard pack. Something that responds quickly and is light.

other than that, any suggestions are welcome. I need:

bindings &

I don't want top of the line. I'd like to spend my money wisely, and I figure I'd like the best bang for the buck. I do know that the boots should have multiple buckles. I like a perfect tight fit all the way around.

Please point me in the right direction. Course I can figure evrything out myself I'm sure but I'd really like to know what you peops think.

My last kit consisted of

Rossignol skis
Solomon bindings
Dynastar boots. All of which was bought new back in 1986!!

Thanks for any help and sorry I rambled on lol.

P.S. I think my last skis were 170cm. I'm 5'9 180lbs. Should I be using a 178cm ski? I really never liked skis too long as they felt cumbersome but I also don't want to use a ski thats too short either.
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It's like riding a bicycle; it will come back after a few days.

165 or 170 is probably a good length for you.
Some skis to try:
Fischer RX8
Atomic SX11
Salomon Equipe SC.
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Where are you skiing? I'm a little confused whether you're looking to ski double diamonds, or just rip it on groomers? If both are the case then I'd say that Rossignol Zenith Z5, or Z9 would be a decent bet (Length 170 would be best for this year to get back into it, 176 might be best in long term). Nice ski on-piste, but will hold up well enough on the occasional double diamond trip.
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