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Your skiing "colors"

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Skiers TEND, i think, to be at least SOMEwhat looks-conscious, though, of course, for many it's "who cares? i'm skiing." still, red DOES seem to be SOMEwhere on a lot of ski apparel. Fashion? Safety? I don't know. Different for each person.
Phil wondered about Flexon color schemes; I'm wondering about the rest of the garb. Besides functionality, do you give much thought to the colors you're wearing, or is it simply more incidental? You still breakin' out the neon? It's easy to say "how ridiculous," but I get the impression plenty of people DO give at least a little thought to their choice of colors. (There's a lot of preening and checking-out in the lunchtime food lines.)

Personally, my winter/cold gear is mostly red/black/yellow/grey. I happen to like the scheme AND it's high-visibility stuff. When it warms, my "spring" gear is lighter, of course, and happens to be blue.

I would admit to being an aesthetic "freak," by the way, having irrational "problems" with anything I see as visual "dissonance"(clatter?). Anybody else give a second thought to your "colors"?
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Okay, confession time. I'm actually glad to hear a guy talk about this, because I was begining to think I was a bit too "girly girl" about this stuff.
But here it is:

I ski better in various shades of purple. When Mark insisted that I wear a helmet, he bought me one in grey. Depressing! Then at Okemo, I saw one single lilac colored hemet, on sale, because according to the shop people, the other women thought it was "too feminine". They even adjusted it to fit me better.

My goggles have, guess what, purple lenses. My skiing after I switched from yellow.

From years of being in the aerobics industry, I'm used to form fitting clothes. Make fun of me if you want, but I hate that baggy, androdgenous stuff.

And I wouldn't be caught dead in green or orange!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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So much ski clothing is made in red that I consciously do all I can to stay away from red. I still have a bunch of stuff in red though.

Whenever I have a choice I try to stick with earth tones.
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I tend to like purples, greens, and blues. My pants are black. Several of my fleeces match with my skiis, my helmet matches my skiis too. (silvery blue)
So there.
If you dress like hot shit, people will think you ski like that. I hate to see people in nice clothes roll down the mountain. I go to the slopes for skiing action, not the kind you would camp out in the back of a suburban for...

"When hell freezes over, I'll ski there too"
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I have the fortunate situation to have little-to-no say in what I wear on the hill. I wear the uniform (Gang colors??). Generally, they are not too obnoxious.

Speaking of obnoxious looks. I finally saw the new Salomon skis in the Buyer's guides. EEEWWW! A lot of people don't like Dynastars because of their lack of trendy graphics on the main-line skis. I like the inconspicuous looks. Just enough color to be visible. But I don't care for the boards that are too plain, such as the Nordica skis and Volants (the DeLorean of skis).
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Black and Blue, maybe a little arterial blood red?!
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I think silver is the perfect color for all ski gear. That way, the duct tape blends in perfectly.

Black pants, blue shell or red shell. I won't talk about my 80's stuff.
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My ski colors are dictated by what is on the 1/2 price racks at the end of the season. I won't buy anything bright or gaudy but everything else is fair game. My current outfit is khaki & black.
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All skiers are narcissistic. Please forgive my borderline profundity, but let's face it, it is a "see me sport"
Incidently, about 8 seasons ago, I went with yellow for ski school uniforms (flagrantly copied Taos). They increased the visible image on the hill and assisted clipboard. It is gradually becoming the norm. Downside? There is two kinds of advertising...good and bad. <FONT size="1">

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Pin- get a helmet and you'll almost never need that hood.

I was thinking of going all white this year...
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I have black bib pants although I would have bought sky-blue pink if that's what was on the rack in my size...

My jacket is yellow & black and I bought it because they were running a sale on those jackets and THAT was the color scheme that was on the jacket they had in my size.

I often ski bareheaded, which is striking because I'm completely clean-shaven on top. When i wear a hat I have this plain black one made from some high-tech cloth that's warm even when wet. It's also shaped to cover my ears.

If I ever find a goofy looking pom-pom hat that catches my eye I'll probably buy it.

The hell with color...
I just want a pair that won't fog up on me!
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Function over fashion. The colors are usually dictated by what is on the sales rack. Most of our ski clothing is bought at the various warehouse sales around town, spyder, lowe alpine, fate, columbia, etc. Digging through cardboard boxes filled with jackets and pants, shopping doesn't get much better than that.

My current setup is black and blue. My wife has a great pair of mustard yellow lowe alpine pants. Everyone can see her at a distance. The kids usually get black pants and jacket of their choice.

And the all important duct tape does come in different colors.

<FONT size="1">

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In area, brown jacket to match tree bark, Black pants to match rocks. If you dress to be seen you'll get clipped for skiing some of the best runs. I like to blend in.

"let's face it, it is a "see me sport"
I don't think you can make that generalization for everyone. I'm skiing for myself, not to be seen.

My school also switched to yellow uniforms. I agree, it works well for staff managment. Robin, what's you're school's policy on freeskiing in uniform? Any other instructors please respond also.

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I like to go stealth mode,black Spider pants,black TGR Jacket and black Spy goggles.Bring it on patrol.<FONT size="1">

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Toooo Funnny!

Right on Grizz. I wear a green/grey/black jacket made by Hard Corps... with black pants. Dark grey Giro brain bucket. I "disappear" in the trees, which can be useful for many reasons. For the aesthetic side, the green matches my eyes.

Duct tape comes in camo, as well as colors!

I brighten up in the spring. I have a Roffe Challenge System jacket with matching pants in "Electric Blue". About like the new Volkwagon Beetle blue. With bright orange trim. Remember the old Levis Panatela TV commercials, ala Peter Max? ZZZZZzzzzzaaaaP!

When it's even warmer, no jacket, various tie dyes and other "concert wear". My Ozric Tentacles long sleeved T-shirt is a real eye opener, as is my "Dreams" Allman Brothers T-shirt.

I used to wear a lot of purple with teal. Still like that color combo. It will come "back" in about, ummm 3 or four seasons.

As a bumpin' youngster I wore bibs with a very bright flannel shirt, or "Jac-Shirt". With long hair almost to my butt. That was a looong time ago...

Breck uniforms used to be purple. The new uniform at Breck is yellow. I call us a bunch of yolkers now... We do free ski in uniform, when on "standby", but it's considered bad form to do it with "bad form"

Speaking of jackets:

I wanna girl, with the mind af a (black) diamond.
And the short skirt with the loooooong Jacket!

Visit me here >>>SnoKarver
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Robin. What kind of jacket did you show up with 2(?) years ago. Was it Descent? Folks, this thing had it all! Black and white checkers on shiny sky blue and flat red! I think Ma Ed said it best when she exclaimed "I didn't know they had referees for bowling!"

Spag's quote of the day:
"If you're going to fight... CLASH!"
- Robin Williams on Military attire -
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I honestly couldn't care less what I wear on the slope. As long as its semi-waterproof and it gets the job done. Actually... as a teen age guy I think it would be fun to rip the pow in pink pants and I don't know, maybe a lime green jacket. Color doesn't matter. Its function that counts. Right now I'm in a yellow and black columbia jacket with tan pants.

Speaking of new ski graphics... I'm all over the new bandits, but also the fischers. Those things are incredible. They sport a hard wood floor style top. And for size...DANG! Their new fat ski is 130 or 135 something like that. I predict that fischer is coming up in the ski world.
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Funny topic. My old clothes are red Windy Pass Gore Tex pants (liberally patched with duct tape) and a yellow and red TNF pullover. You can see me anywhere on the mountain, which is useful (usually). New jacket is bright blue, with black pants. I like being visible, but the main idea is -- as others have mentioned -- was it a good value? (At least half off)
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Grizz, you only get to free ski with a pin!

Spag, so it looked like Kyle Petty puked on me in technocolour! Ya gotta have stones and the goods to ski inna creation like dat! Actually, that was the Canadian WC suit that got sent down. Still got it...he he!
Speaking of austantatious (sp?)gear...you still sportin' them gold lame reusch bumpin' pants Ginger?<FONT size="1">

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Well, at least her outfit is nice!
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Well, please don't take this as disrespectful, but how about those Captain America PSIA Examiner suits? I think they need a nice red white and blue pole to go with them. Maybe a large round shield mounted on a pole grip?

Mighty Mouse theme "Here I am to Save the Day". O.K., that was tweakage! Are they Rocky Mountain Division specific? Just curious.

I remember watching film clips of Interski events, some of those getups were pretty wild. From military style to clowns, everything in between. I like the eyeballs on the bump skiers knees too.

I must drink now, to remove the image of gold lame pants ripping thru bumps... Ginger, indeed. Or maybe Disco Stu on the Simpsons?

Oh, crap, I have 4 more hours of work to go, no drink for me yet. Drat.

Visit me here >>>SnoKarver

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I can not believe that only on person here mentioned DUCT TAPE! It is the glue that holds my well used gear together. A little on the gloves, some on the pant cuffs, and if need be, It will end up on the jacket as well. Never underestimate the thermo-insulating powers of DUCT TAPE.

It is more important to ski good, then to look good.
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LM - I have a color print out of that Ineptitude poster in my office!

SnoKarver - I remember those Capitan America outfits!! Too funny! They were hideous!

JohnnyBoy - What's suprising? I wasn't referring to the performance, I was referring to the stainless steel skins.
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I seriously doubt that "Ineptitude" skier is inept at all. She shows great balance in the air and anyone who was truly out of control in the air could never hold their poles like that. Her arms are practically like a world cup racer. Totally staged, but fun anyway.
Oh yeah- John, I get the Delorean reference - no problem. Johnny Boy must object to the implication that if you have Volants you must be dealing in coke.<FONT size="1">

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Okay. At the end of the season I stayed at Breckenridge and realized that I forgot my snowpants or whatever you call them. I found some sierra designs at full price, but could buy something else for 1 penny. So I picked out a lime green sierra designs high tech thingie shell. It's a great coat, but when I'm zipping down the slope, I expect to hear someone yell "Slug bug green, no slugs back."

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Duty days, red and black. Free skiing, my bargain bin jacket in blue.

As Billy Crystal used to say, "I'd rather look good than feel good Dahhling. "
See you at Fernando's Hideaway.
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JohnH, no worries. I read an article once about the DeLorean which was less than flattering.

Now the coke dealer reference we could do with just keeping amongst ourselves, OK, Tog?
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Thing is, you can get hung up on function over form. If you have two outfits of equally good performance and one is aesthetically more pleasing, surely it isn't an offence to go for that one?! All other things being equal, I will always think about how I look. That's basics. Of course, I won't go for something that looks good if it isn't going to perform.

That's what I think.


Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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you never disappoint. was wondering how you'd show up and whether you'd find a way to make personal a silly little thread about something ski-related. surprisingly, you seem to have minimized the personalness and vitriol, for which i thank you.

i had ASSUMED and attempted to imply in the post that not EVERYONE gives a second thought to what they wear, certainly not how it looks. and wondered if it could be possible to have someone who finds the notion "ACK, are you serious" to just keep moving along and ignore it.

given precedent, i feel mostly relieved you left it where you did.


(also, "if i had it my way, they would NOT match" is still SOMEthing of a choice, indication of preference. if you disagree let's just please leave it at that and say you're absolutely, inarguably correct.

and i happen to love my Garanimals.)
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Ryan, you keyed on something. How often is the choice not to do something a choice that is revealing. Who ever you percieve to be...there is a uniform for you.
Personally, on the ski clothes issue...when they are free, who cares.
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