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That's All She Wrote!

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I just finished and sent out my Winter Sport Fitness Book. Now, if I can manage to complete the 15 other article assignments due to other publications by Monday, I'll be in great shape!

I tried to acknowledge as many people as possible, but the acknowledgements and the references were turning into a book in themselves, so I had to cut down.

For the listing of snow sport instructors who enjoy teaching adult learners, I had to narrow it down to people who seemed like they would be at the same ski area for the next few years. A BIG thanks goes out to those that contributed. Here is the list. To protect their identity, I am not listing their forum names.

Bill Aitkin
Rusty Carr
Sarah McCourt
Jeff Pattersen
Lowell Hart
Kneale Brownson
Dan Dupree
Katy Perrey
Larry Cohen
Barbara Schneider
Roger Systad
Ron White

Thank you SO MUCH!!!
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Now the important questions; when will it be out and where can we get a copy.
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Thanks! It's set for publication in January of 2007, but you may be able to get it earlier by contacting orders@dreamtimepublishing.com

Just ask for the Winter Fitness Book.
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Congrats, LM, this is truly awesome!
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Thanks Steve! Did you get the info I sent you? Meg at Dreamtime is interested in your idea!
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