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Anything ski-related on your computer screen?
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Got the paper and screensaver off the Atomic site. It's okay.
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A picture of Mt. Rainier.
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Yeah, my background is a photo I took of Seventh Heaven last December. (Maybe you haven't heard yet, but I'm going there in 70 days!)

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In the middle of my computer screen is a picture I took on the 4Th of July at Squaw, at High Camp, five years ago. They opened for three days and had a 60in base on the upper mtn.
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Salt Lake City ski areas map as background. Don't want to get too lost in January.
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Iv'e got a screen capture from the movie SLC punk (Salt Lake city and punks that's skiing related) on my start up background and a picture of Katie Monahan catching air in a downhill as my normal background.
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Currently, The Prophecy poster is my wallpaper until Big Sky gets dumped on. Then their webcam is usually what I use as a background.
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For some good screen savers check out the unusual ski clothing posts at :

http://www.snowjournal.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=phpBB_14&file=index&ac tion=viewtopic&topic=1310&24
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I use webshots (actually I must be one of the few who bought the licence, a few yars back, only to discover after few months that
it had been made free) and put into it any skiing, mountain and snow related image that I can get hold of.
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Todays Wallpaper.
If you want a screensaver that you can config. yourself go get it @ *screen^saver*By the way did I mention it's forecasted to **** in the Cascades

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Yes it's in French but just click on the screen resolution you want under the picture then right click and 'set as wallpaper' [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Prophecy poster with a cut and pastes schedule of when Warren's STORM hits my state. (Oh yeah and about 150 mb of d/l'ed ski and snowboard movies in various formats ( : lousy realplayer : )
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I have a picture of Thredbo taken from the air as my wallpaper
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My wallpaper is a photo of Mrs. Skicrazy ripping the freshies at Brian Head on our way back from the 1st Bears gathering in Lake Tahoe. We had 2 days with 20" of freshies and No One Else Was There!!!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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i had a pick of the back bowls at vail until durango had its 1st snow of the season. whoever gets a big dump will be my next + of course the 1st to open.
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A picture of the alps round val d'isere from valdisere.com. I prefer a picture of the mountains with virgin snow to one of people skiing.
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Originally posted by Skicrazy:
We had 2 days with 20" of freshies and No One Else Was There!!!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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