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Happy Birthday Garryz!

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Happy Birthday Garryz!
How does a guy join in February and have over 2600 posts by July?

By being a real cool cat:
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happy birthday garry
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Gary: Ditto.
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Ohhhhh a birthday for Garry.
What can we do him?

Have the happiest of days!
Maybe someone will sing you happy
and the owner can make more royalties.:
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Hapy Birthday Garry.
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Thanks all ,for your nice thoughts. You made my day a little nicer .
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Is it today or yesterday?

Hope you have/had a great day!
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Happy belated B-day garryz keep on ripping K-wood.
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A belated Happy B-day to my mate in Spokanistan, I hope you got one of these for your B-day.....

Otherwise I'll buy you a birthday beer this winter!
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Another year, another birthday. I couldn't improve on Flav's gift, so I'll just recycle it.
Looks like it got Trekchick's attention too
Lets make a point of actually getting together and ski this year.
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hippo birdie

two ewes

hippo birdie

two ewes

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Happy b-day, Garry. I hope the candles go out with one blow and you wish for something like lots of snow this winter.
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Happy Birthday Garry

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Thanks Cirque, Nolo, Yuki and VA . The folks at Epic mean a lot to me and I wish them all a great winter , good health and some memorable turns . Isn't this a great place to make friends ?

I'll make a point of going to Missoula this winter. Maybe Tom can meet me in SLC when the snow falls. Yuki can you come with that boy of yours and meet Flav and Co at Whistler ? Nolo . Coming to Big Sky would be nice but if not how about dropping in for a memorable trip to good ol Mt Spokane.
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Didja get yer rocks yet?
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Not yet. it's been so hot it's hard to work in the yard after working all day in the heat. I'm getting closer after come cultivating of the flowerbeds.
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Happy D-Day Garry
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Best wishes Garry!
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Better late then never

Happy Birthday, Z
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happy birthday !
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Thanks Bill,Terry ,Jeff and Herr Schnee. Cool thoughts on a hot summer day.
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Didja get yer rocks yet?
Am I the only one biting my tongue on that one?
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Didja get yer rocks off yet?
Fixed it for ya Tief.
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Happy Birthday, GarryZ! Sorry I'm a day late...
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Aint nuthin Steve you're a busy guy. Thx.
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Didja? After a certain age you don't any more, ya know.
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That just isn't true . A gentleman doesn't discuss these things. Or at least I heard that somewhere. It becomes more of a sport and less of a need.
You like to ski don't you ? Well......................
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How did I miss this??? Happy Belated.

Your dream girl below sent you a pressie. Check your snail mail soon.
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I still like Flaviaman's girl greeting from last year

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I like them both but have shown a weakness for redheads.
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