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Scoop on Sugar Bowl?

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My son has a possible line on living and working at Sugar Bowl. He doesn't know anything about the area and neither do I other than what I've been able to glean from past threads and online booster stuff.

My question is: How would this area be for a skier/boarder weaned at Mt. Baker? He is advanced at both types of sliding and would not take kindly to lots of groomers. He would eat up steep, varied terrain with variable snow conditions. New snow of all types and consistencies is up his alley.

Thanks for any insights.
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I think he will like it! SB has some burly terrain when its deep. Plus Squaw and Alpine are just down the road.
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cool place, fun.

generally steeper than most resorts.

and, at a bit of a lower elevation, he'll get some of that familiar PNW "moist" snow once in awhile.

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Yeah, I think he'll like the terrain and love the snow....

...sorry for the lame touristy photos...this was our 2nd or 3rd ski day ever in tahoe...

...only bad part about sugar bowl is the crowds and sheer number of teenagers (in a very annoying way) on the weekends...but then if he's young maybe he'll like that :
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Good Place

Your son will like the terrain. The only thing about Sugar Bowl that stands out is that it is a bit isolated compared to the other ski areas here.
So that could be a good or a bad thing, Depending on what your looking for.

There is allot of high end B/C from on or near Sugar Bowl. (Movie quality stuff) so tell him to bring his B/C gear.
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Sugar Bowl

Posaune, Sugar Bowl: Lots of really advanced/expert skiing and lots of groomers to. Other than Kirkwood , Sugar Bowl usually get the best and most snow in Tahoe. Skied there for 20plus years. Worked as instructor one year. As to working there the following should be considered:

1. Place to live. Sugar Bowl has/owns/leases the old Donner Summit Hotel and uses it for employees, check with them on how to get in if need lodging. Also Donner Ski Ranch has condo's and I know for a fact that some are rented out for the season to Sugar Bowl employees.

2. Weekends and Hollidays are BUSY, midweek is the time to ski. SB is almost the lst resort up highway 80 so the Bay Area unloads there on weekends and holidays. However if a big storm hits and the freeway closes (because idiot came up in a whiteout without chains and got in a wreck) you get to ski all that powder almost by yourself.

3. SB has a great race program and their own academy, staff and race hill.

4. Food, comps etc. are pretty good, don't know aboout wages.

5. On DRY road you are 30 min to Alpine or Squaw and get a good deal. You are also given a real deal on Homewood Tickets (were anyway).

Can't think of anything else, have any questions just shoot.
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Thanks for all of the info everyone. He'll get a real kick from the pictures. It looks very much like the terrain he loves.
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