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What period for a 6 week safari in Colorado

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Hi Guys,

Have explored Utah and Mrs holo now insists on a Colorado ski safari, so, who am I to argue

Am just doing long term research now on all the resorts and logistics. However I am keen to find out when you would have these 6 weeks, ie, early Jan to Mid Feb, or Feb into March ?

It is a lottery I know, just looking for opinions.

Thanks all, research is half the fun
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Depends on where you plan to ski, but I'd pick mid Jan to end of Feb. It's the least crowded time. March is spring break time -- although the sun and snow are usually wonderful.

Actually, you could do Feb to mid March by skiing the resorts closest to Denver in Feb, and then hitting the ones less likely to be infested by spring breakers in March ....
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I would go Mid Jan thru Feb, because I like mid winter snow much better than spring.
March has the highest snowfall, but it can start to get pretty warm then.
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SHREDHEAD is right. Mid Jan-Feb is probably the best time. Usually there is a decent base down and you get some of the most consistent snowfall during that period. Plus as mentioned it generally stays cold to keep your snow nice and fluffy.
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This year the best time would be Jan 1st - March 10th in terms of crowds. The only holiday period in that time frame is Martin Luther King day (third weekend in Jan) and Presidents day (2nd weekend in Feb) and neither draw really big crowds. If you are planning on traveling around the state try to schedule those times as travel days and you'll be all set.

I think you will have a better shot at more favorable snow and temps if you scheduled your 6 weeks from the last few days of Dec thru March 10th.
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You should tell us more about your interests, e. g., powder, blue skies, steeps, scenery, bars/restaurants, nonski interests, cheap lodging, transportation, etc.
If I had six weeks this winter in CO I'd go from Jan 21 to Mar 11. Early March in Colorado is as good as it gets for nice snow surfaces and bright sunshine, just beware of heavy, but not outrageous crowds at Vail, Copper, and Breckenridge at that time. Aspen and Telluride are scenic highlights. Steamboat and Winter Park are likely for Feb powder. Crested Butte, Silverton, and Winter Park/Mary Jane have the steeps. Loveland and Arapaho Basin are uncrowded, inexpensive and fairly close to Denver. Wolf Creek is off the beaten track and also known for light crowds and good snow. Purgatory has Texan tourists, sunshine, Indian cliff dwellings and town of Durango nearby. Cooper has relatively affordable cat skiing. The towns of Vail and Aspen should be strolled at least once for their extravagant shopping, dining, and nightlife. What have I missed you lucky devil?
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Telluride, CB, Silverton and (even tho' in New Mexico) Taos is close enough to add to the itinerary.
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Feb 1st - mid-March.

You still might not have 100% of terrain open at all resorts in mid-Jan.

January can also be brutally cold in some places.
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My first reaction is the same as vinn for the reason stated: not all terrain might be open in Janaury. But a careful choice of itinerary would support Jamesj's recommendation. You START in late January with the places like Steamboat and Vail's Back Bowls that get lots of snow but are vulnerable to sun later. And you FINISH in March at the places that take longer to get the steeps covered but preserve best, like Aspen, Crested Butte, Telluride, Taos.
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