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TR is #1.

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Deer Valley rated # 1 by ski mag. TR must be the reason. interesting choice.
about 5th in UT on my list. but I am not exactly the demographic they are targeting.
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Kinda like figure skating and WWF...it was their "turn" to win. This industry sometimes jades me....s'cuse por favor!
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Deer Valley is just about the worst ski resort terrain-wise I've been to; but then again their food is just about the best. What exactly were the criteria, anyway?
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Is that an Editor's Choice, or one of their famous readers' polls? Don't forget, last year the Ski readers dropped Alta out of the top 25.
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Dunno. I really like the tree skiing at DV. When the powder Nazis have tracked out Snowbird by noon, DV will have untracked spots in the trees for days after a big dump. Sure, it's not oh-my-gosh steep but the ungroomed terrain has enough character to keep me interested. It's loaded with cool spots... try the creek bed with the hiking cabin to skier's right of the Wasatch HS quad on a knee-deep powder day. The fairly steep start through the big evergreens to skier's left of the Sultan chair. The easier trees to skier's left of the Mayflower chair. Ontario bowl. There are good trees just about everywhere and all those Bogner people are banished to the groomed corduroy.

Mom used to have a season locker in the bottom of the Snow Park lodge for a bunch of years when she wintered over in Summit Park. It was great to boot up in a locker room with oak lockers, oak butcher block benches, clean carpet, piped in music. Mom wasn't much of a tree skier but she could happily ski the cut trail next to me while I was enjoying the fluff in the woods. With that sort of arrangement, I think it's a superb spot for groups of mixed abilities. Of course, the food and level of service are incredible.
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The only thing I saw at Deer Valley that would justify a return trip WAS the food!!!
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