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knee brace for skiing

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I currently use a carbon fiber defiance knee brace by Don Joy for a slightly deficent acl when I'm skiing challenging conditions

any advice on other models to consider that are less cumbersome to put
on and wear?
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I've heard the generic Don Joy gives more all round support than the ACL specific ones. I have two, one old one in neoprene and a new one in a heavy breathable elastic fabric ( both with aluminum hinges and supports). I much prefer the old one.
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i ski in the standard issue neoprene with 3 straps and some plastic inserts in the sides. It helps, but could be better
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Just was fitted for the carbon fiber version of the Donjoy. Lighter, less constraining than bunch of other's I've tried, including several Townsends, but seems to work better (eg., no pain at all during tennis, working out). My orthopedist swears by them for athletes/actives.
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My wife got het ski specific one from Donjoy, it is shorter and works better with a ski boot.
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i use innovation sport's cti2 brace
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I wear a Donjoy 4titude. don't mind the bulk too much. But am looking at the newer one made for skiing
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I can't speak if they will work for your problem but alot of people over look MX Knee braces here are a few

http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com... .mc_ID=12000


I have tried this one on and it is very comfortable and offers alot of support.

I don't yet have a knee problem but am considering wearing these to prevent a unwanted injury due to where / how I ski

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