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Lodging at Snowbird or Alta?

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We have a group of 8 adult skiers heading to Snowbird/Alta this winter and are unsure of lodging options. Any recommendations? We are looking to shuttle from/to airport and not renting any cars so we need to be able to get to the slopes either by foot, skiing or resort shuttle. Our other requirements include bedroom for each couple, hot tub and kitchen.

Any recommendations welcome and much appreciated as this'll be our first time to Snowbird/Alta.

Many thanks!
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There is a basic decision that you need to make before deciding on lodging under your circumstances, and it is pretty much a monetary one. You can take an airport shuttle to Snowbird or Alta, stay at one of many places and ski both areas without any hassle, but without a car it will not be easy to get back and forth to town, so you are confined to the limited number of restaurants at the areas. Good dining but not cheap. If you stay in town you can take a shuttle ($5 for both ways) from any one of the motels in Sandy, stay for much cheaper, and walk to numerous chain type restaurants.

Eating and staying in town is much cheaper but more hassel with the shuttle everyday. Staying on the mountain is more expensive in every way, but much less hassle.

I suggest checking the package deals at Snowbird and Alta. If the prices do not scare you then you can limit you seach to the mountain.
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Everything mudfoot says is correct and if you need a kitchenyou're out of luck at Alta, but most of the lodging prices there include breakfast and dinner. There are kitchens available in one form or another at all of Snowbirds lodges and if it's 4 couples I think you would find The Inn at Snowbird(I stayed there during the Epic Ski Academy last season) perfect. It's in a good location with a short walk to the tram and the studios have a full kitchen/bath and a pull down queen size murphy bed. All have balconies and if your on the mountain view side a spectacular view of the mountain. Ther's a heated pool and hot tub with luandry facilities and high speed internet. Another bonus is that ski check is free at the Snowbird center for lodging guests, so you don't have to lug your gear back and forth to the room each day.

If you end up staying at Snowbird, just buy the combined Alta/Bird pass and you can ski back and forth between them conditions permitting. Or you can buy passes for the area you want to ski each day and take the free shuttle between the two.

BTW, the shuttle from airport to the resorts is $50 roundtrip if purchased in advance and they will make a grocery stop on the way up if you ask as there's only a small grocery on mountain and it's expensive.
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We have always stayed in the condos located between Alta and Snowbird. There are also several ski homes for rent that are very nice.

Are you looking for one place? (ie a 4 bedroom condo). If so, some of the homes have that many bedrooms and get cheaper the more people you have in your group. If you go to the Alta website and look under lodging, all the homes and condos are listed.

Most of these places are on the bypass road between Alta & Snowbird and depending on location are ski in/out. If not, it is a short shuttle ride to either ski area.
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Thanks for all the info! This is really helpful. One of the people going just emailed to suggest that we should base ourselves out of Park City because there are more lodging options. Any thoughts on using Park City as a base? What are the mountains like around there?
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My experience is that Park City lodging is very expensive. I have no idea what kind of skiing you plan to do, but there are distinct differences between the Cottonwood canyon resorts (Alta, Snowbird / Solitude, Brighton) and Park City resorts (Canyons, Park City, Deer Valley).

Maybe you should go to Ogden and try one of those ski areas that shall remain nameless, with all the vertical and snow, but no crowds? Or you could read this thread.
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Check out VRBO.com. (vacation rental by owner) if considering staying in Park City. Typically ,you can save about 30% by renting a condo thru this site. Consider staying in the Snyderville Basin. That area is known by another name, with all the factory outlets, but I can't recall at the moment. (alzheimers, I think) It's 5 min from CAnyons, 10 from PCMR and 15 from Deer Valley. It also puts you a bit closer to the road toward the cottonwood canyons (40-45 min). Gives you the option of dining in and about Park City with easy shopping. However, at the time of year you're going, there are good deals to be had at Alta/Snowbird, just not much in the way of apres-ski.
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You might also want to consider staying at one of the suite hotels in Murray/Sandy. There are plenty of options on the bus lines that run to the resorts and the prices are very reasonable (do a travelocity/expedia/sidestep/hotels.com etc. search). Some have their own airport shuttles and most offer lift/lodging packages. Most of the ones off Fort Union Boulevard are within easy walking distance of several nice restaurants or an easy bus ride of anything you could possibly want.

For an old time ski experience, consider the Alta Peruvian. Meals are included in the deal - no kitchens. You won't find many places like the Peruvian. It's kind of in between a bed and breakfast and a small hotel.

The snow is much better in the Cottonwood Canyon resorts than on the Park City side.
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Thanks, everyone! I've now put my feelers out for the Park City area - we used vrbo.com last year for a condo and hope to have the same luck with it this ski season.
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I am based in Snowbird for 4 days each March with a big group of 25-35 people. We eat in nearly all meals, but one of the families drives a van from SoCal and they can make a couple of grocery runs into SLC during their week.

If you intend to do most of your skiing at Alta/Snowbird you should NOT base yourself in Park City as it doubles the commute time vs. staying in SLC. I think most responses have presumed that your group is mostly advanced skiers.

If your group is mostly intermediate and/or restaurants/apres-ski are a priority AND your trip is in the core of the season (mid-January to mid-March) when conditions are most reliable, then you should consider staying in Park City.

The decision to stay in Alta/Snowbird vs. SLC/Sandy boils down to convenience vs. price, as mudfoot said.
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