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Howz Utah First week O' March?

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We just booked a week at a timeshare, through our vacation club, near Park City for the first week of March 2007.

My wife wonders what we can expect snow and temp-wise.

I would appreciate any input. She kinda views the conditions as being spring like, which in the Central Sierras is less than ideal. I think the snow will be fine.

Thoughts, views?

Oh yea. We've not been there before. Advice re resorts for a strong intermediate (me) and an advanced level (the wife)?
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Should be some good skiing though every year is different. It's too early in the year to be spring like and you might get some good dumps of powder. Last year Alta had over 37 inches of new snow in the first 10 days of March. On the Park City side you have Park City, the Canyons and Deer Valley, and on the Salt Lake side you have Alta, Snowbird, Brighton and Solitude to choose from. All of them have good skiing for strong intermediates and advanced skiers. While Alta is my favorite, you should enjoy anywhere you go.
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utah in march

This is the time I've gone for the last 7 years. It has ranged from snow without let-up to warm and slushy conditions. The days can be quite mild at that time. Best to check the anticipated weather pattern a week before you go. On warmer days, best to go to the higher altitude spots, ie, Alta, brighton. Avoid the CAnyons if the weather is at all warmish. All the boarders really mash all the snow. If it gets up into the high 40's to fifties, getting out early and finishing earlier has worked for us. I always worry about doing a job on an ACL when the snow alternates between cold and slushy. kkI've always had a good time though.
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I always look forward to skiing in march and April. Some of the best conditions happen that time of year. In the past 10 years of skiing Utah I have only seen one March when we had a melt down. All the rest have offered some top notch skiing. Keep in mind spring skiing on a warm sunny day is all about following the sun. Another tip is to keep your skis well waxed! Start the day on south east faceing runs save the noth west faceing run for after lunch.
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I'm in Utah 4 days in March around the 10th all but one of the past 11 years and LCS has it right. I believe I've hit a disproportionate share of warm weather, but since I'm staying at Snowbird it's still good. The Park City group (Jupiter Bowl excepted) does get slushy faster than the Cottonwoods or most Colorado areas. Last year was lots of powder, probably the best conditions of those 10 trips.
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