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What's your day count?

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Today was day 50 on the hill for me.
I was wondering where I am on that compared to all of you bears.

I am a full time college student, part time instructor, and live 1 hr from the Mt.
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I'm jealous. We just wrapped up day 15 on the hill and sadly, it will probably be the last day for the season.

I'm a full-time accountant, two-weeks-a-year skier, and live 4 1/2 hours from the mountain (but only a ninety minute flight to SLC).
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Just 7 so far. The last one was a French gal I met at a meeting I attended in San Antonio last week...more of a night count, really.
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34 in Oz, June - Oct.
38 in Canada Dec- Feb.

Full time worker 6 hours from Oz, slopes and 24 hours from Nth American slopes.
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20-25 (not sure how to count "sick days" when I went out w/ a fever, but truly felt too horrible to continue much more than 2 hours). Still have 10-12 left at my home hill, & finishing at Whistler for 3 days in April...unless you count my wish trip of a week in Chile in July (which at this point is just a wish).
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Just 10 for me. Living in ATL sucks. At least I'm 5 hours from decent terrain and snow for the Southeast. I might be able to ski a few more days if my trip to Copper Mountain dosen't get cancelled.
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Today was Day 83 for me this season.
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49 so far, still another month to go.
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65 +/-, I'm not really sure
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12 and will probably make 1 more day before the year end. VA sucks as much as Atl.
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13 - three days coming up in Utah and another 5 first week in April at Big Sky. Ullr is correct, VA sucks right now and all local areas are closing. At least I'll meet my goal of +20.
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I'm at 22, should do 3 more for a nice, round 25. I go every Saturday, typically, with a few extra days thrown in early season and a few more during offspring's school vacation. I rarely go Sundays, since I play harmonica in church.
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had a slow year only 15 but 4 more comming
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My first season on skis. 4 hours from the snow, 4 full days so far with a quick there and back on this Fri and 2 more days next weekend. They say there will be skiing till May In the Tahoe area. Who knows?
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63-Anticipate another 15 before closing 6 April at Mt. Snow.
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26 so far, going for 40.
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13 for me, looks like it's gonna be 15 total.
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Where are all the other 100+ people? Only one so far.

I have 26 in now, and will end up at a nice round 30 in a week from tomorrow.
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Not nearly enough.

Looking at around a 25 day season at this point.
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27 days and 430,000 ft heli sking
10 on the hill
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11, hoping to get maybe 2 more days in. I need to move to the mountains or start skiing the 300 foot mole hills close to home, but they're just too small.
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I got 40 something in -- I don't really keep close count. Maybe one more day -- March is shaping up to be busy with non-skiing commitments and the New England snowpack is going fast anyway.
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Originally posted by JohnH:
Where are all the other 100+ people? Only one so far.
Today was 104 for me.
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Originally posted by mntlion:
27 days and 430,000 ft heli sking
10 on the hill
I think your days were more fun than my days!

I'm up to about 50. I'm gonna add 3 days in Mammoth this weekend - 2 in Winterpark next weekend, and 2 somewhere in Summit county fist weekend of April.

I'm in Indiana so this isn't easy - but it sure is fun
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about four days a week since november, minus a week where I was out of commision with that nasty flu. <--however many days that is ???
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Been a pretty lame year so far. I haven't been too excited about skiing this year. Plus last I got a ton of days in. I probably have 30 days in or so. Guess maybe I'll finish with 50 by the time A Basin closes.
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