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Cool New Grilling Accessory

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Just to be precise, is that a hot & furious hardwood charcoal grilling accessory, or a slow cooking BBQ accessory?
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One would suppose that as the heat intensivies the dogs will rise.
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Bad design: no marshmallow protection.
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It looks a bit small to me.
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Compared to what?
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That is great .I'll make some for our church group barbeque. After church this Saturday the folks will certainly get a kick out of those.
I am going to be so popular
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I was thinking you could make a "female" bun warmer version that's bent over and hold's a bun underneath the wiener while it's warming on the grill.
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The female version toasts two marshmallows at once, eh?
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Originally Posted by Bonni
The female version toasts two marshmallows at once, eh?
That sounds about par for the course. Hell, if my wife would even give me enough attention to roast my marshmellows I'd be thrilled.
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