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Snowboarding and wakeboarding similarities?

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Our family (kids 9 and 10) has been primarily skiers - intermediate. Our son, 9, started waterskiing last summer and also tried wakeboarding. Although we have only been out a few times this summer, he really prefers wakeboarding to skiing.

Not having done either, I am interested in what similarities, if any, there is between wakeboarding and snowboarding?

Although this would be one more piece of equipment to take with us, I think my son may really enjoy snowboarding.

thanks for any help.

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I can't personally say how well it translates over. There are definite similarities. Number one being on a single board with a similar stance. The turning motion is probably much the same, especially in pow/soft snow. You won't have the balancing effect a tow rope will give you. I know when I started snowboarding I was big into skateboarding at that time. Being familar with the sideways stance helped big time.
Bring or rent a board and let him give it a try. Either he'll like it or hate it. This sport isn't for everyone so let him decide. I would say there is a good chance he'll really enjoy it.
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Good question, Chris.

Just for perspective, I've been snowboarding for around 15/16 years. I also alpine and telemark ski. The last time I was on a wakeboard was on several occasions a few summers ago (it was also my first experience on a wake board). The first thing I though of was when carving quick turns, was this was the best off snow practice I could get. They couldn't get me to stop, I was having so much fun. I think there are several cross-over moves and techniques. The only thing that was drastically different was being pulled by the boat. The tendency was to pitch my overall stance back a bit, where in snowboarding I generally try to keep perpendicular with the snow's surface, so I end up actually feeling a bit forward.

Your son will have to adjust for the "lean back" when trying snowboarding. Just an FYI, it may take some time to get up and moving around on the snowboard, so I'd highly recommend some professional instruction for at least his first couple of days on the snow. Then continued instruction as he progresses and wants to explore more of the mountain and the different areas of fun in snowboarding (trees, bumps, park, etc.) I think your son will have fun with snowboarding and can translate many of the wakeboarding moves to the frozen water. Where are you planning on taking him for the first time snowboard experience?

Think of it as not just taking extra equipment, but loosing a lot of heavy equipment (2 skis w/ bindings, two boots, two poles) in exchange for one piece of relatively light equipment (still have the boots though). Hope this helps.
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I can wakeboard but cant snowboard for s*h&t. Maybe its just me,i do think that when on water theirs more room for error than on snow.
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i've only been snowboarding for a few years. water skied a few times when i was much younger and officially tried wakeboarding this season. it was a piece of cake and i definately like it better than skis. on my third run i was jumping the wake no problem.
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