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Happy Birthday Kima!

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Happy Birthday!
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Best wishes Kima!! Have a great day!!
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Hope you spot a few marmots today!
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Thanks guys. It is going to be a hard day. My 15 year old border collie Bo, had a stroke last night. We will have to put him down later today.
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Sorry to hear about your dog, its really hard to loose a loved "family" member.
Remember the good times with Bo, grieve his passing, yet leave a little time to acknowledge your birthday.
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I'm really sorry about your dog. Try to enjoy another trip around the sun.
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Sorry to hear about Bo, at least you have the new puppies to keep you busy!!

Happy Birthday, We'll have to celebrate with you guys soon.

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Kima, happy birthday... I'm sorry for the pain... But may there be peace in the midst...

...and perhaps we'll meet one of these days...
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Happy Birthday, Kima!
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I'm so sorry about your companion, Kima. He's lucky to have such a compassionate and caring friend.

When you finally do celebrate your birthday, have the time of your life. We're thinking of you!
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Thanks everyone. ssh we will have to meet this year. It was a tough day but it was time. This may sound odd but I think it was Bo's gift to me. He was old and having bad days. I was having a hard time trying to decide what to do and he made the decision for me. If there is a heaven he is playing frisbee with his brother Santi today. I miss them both.
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A little late, but best wishes, Kima.
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Thanks Badrat. Nice to hear from you!
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Hey, Kima. Belated Happy Birthday. Sorry about Bo. We lost one dog earlier in the year, and the other still loves her walk, but she's fading. Good luck with the pups!
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