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Happy Father's Day

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I wanted to get this on the board in case any of you were going away for the weekend.

Each of you are a true honor and I'm sure an inspiration to your children. As skiers, and men who take an active role in all aspects of life, you give us faith in the future of the next generation.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Thank you dear Lisa, I have always considered myself a great "parent". I wonder what my cat Gritty will be getting me for the big day.
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That's so cute!
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I had a lot of cats and dogs from childhood to late 20's . . . just wait until you are the parent of a human! Unbelievable difference! No matter how much you love that four footed critter now, you'll be blown away!
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Gosh, Lisamarie...yer making me blush in front of all the guys! ....need a tie?
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Aw c'mon Robin! Ya' know you deserve it.
Todd: Happy Birthday to that little angel of yours!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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no kids of my own but lots of friends kids call me "uncle"
Happy fathers day to you all...
JohnH, Lyle(if the little one is here), and the rest of you that will celebrate your first "Father's day" Congrats.

I guess I'm a sort of a father, I have 3 God sons.. Does that count?

Take care all..
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g-dubs, If your cat brings you a dead mouse consider it a compliment and gift. My cousin had a cat that brought him mice all the time. on one of the talk shows they were interviewing a pet doctor and she mentioned that this is their way of "thanking you" for all the feeding and taking care of them.
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Yes its very cute when cats do that for their humans. The cutest I've seen: we've got new kittens, and from our own male and female cats (well, we assume they are his <g>. He is still a pretty young male, definately in his prime - the other day I saw him march up to her and her litter and drop a mouse in front of her, then she licked his face! It was the cutest animal affection display I've seen!
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That is unbearably adorable! So, are you keeping all the kittens? So not only are you raisng your daughter near a ski area, so that the mountains will become her roller coasters, but you are teaching her a love of animals. Very cool!

The little girl of a friend of mine was telling me how her cat likes to put a dead mouse with the presents under the Christmas tree!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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How's Anna treating you? getting enough sleep?
How's your back healing? and Happy Fathers day!
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Thanks dchan and LM!

Yes, I am a very happy and very tired dad. Anna has decided that she likes to eat just a little, but very often. I think she's being fed about every hour. My wife is getting NO sleep. And when Anna is sleeping, she is making these odd grunting sort of noises. So I keep waking up to check her. Exhausting! But DAMN she's cute! She's got the most adorable little smile. I can't wait until it's a concious smile, as opposed to a prelude to a fart.

***Coming soon to a theater near you Prelude to a Fart, starring Kevin Costner.......

My back is still quite painful. I took a Perkoset on thursday and again on friday. It's a little better today, thank God, because I really didn't want to have to take narcotics while at work. I did make an appointment to see a Dr, but it's not until a week from wednesday. A whole lot of good that'll do me now.
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Bumping a 12 year old thread to say Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Here's a photo of my mom and dad from about 1976 at Killington, VT.  Hope some of you will post your own photos or ski memories related to Dads and Father's Day.


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Naw, it's summer.  Here's my kids with me at Kure Beach, NC today.


Here's one on my dad and his dad (my grandfather) taken in Hawaii back in 1930-something




And the next generation, my father with the immediate family..


I am the first skier in the lineage that I know of, but I'm passing it on down to the next generation..


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Nice white shoes in that third photo. Were you working on a little tele turn motion there?

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Nice bump

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