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Snowbird tunnel

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Does anyone know where the tunnel into Mineral Basin is going to come out at. Just curious. Also, in past, if you didn't get tram lift ticket was cheaper. Will tunnel change anything?
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Here is all the info you need to know about the tunnel as well as the new Peruvian lift:


Far as I know the only extra to the standard lift ticket is still the tram.
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will there be snow in the tunnel? If not how will they keep it out?
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Originally Posted by ct55
will there be snow in the tunnel? If not how will they keep it out?
" Sealed from the elements with retractable doors "
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While digging the tunnel They discovered a large vain of gold. Dick Bass said to h*ll with those pesky skiers! I'm strip mining this mountain.
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If I'm calculating correctly, it will be a magic carpet moving at the incredible speed of 1.7 mph.
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Originally Posted by icanseeformiles(andmiles)
If I'm calculating correctly, it will be a magic carpet moving at the incredible speed of 1.7 mph.
I bet you can hike the hill faster than that tunnel, I ll test my theory once I get use to the elevation again.
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RE: Gold in them thar service tunnels

That's funny ...

Hey didn't the whole area (Alta/SB) begin as a big mine? Looking for silver or something?
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There once was a real Town of Alta Utah. It was a mining town if you look around you can still see some of the old mine ruins up on the mountain. The town was wiped out in an avalanche sometime in the 1920s At one point in the 1880s Alta Utah was the murder capital of the west. There was over a 120 murders in a year.
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Alta sure has an interesting past.

Skiing the runout/return/traverse back from Honeycomb Canyon at Solitude we saw huge piles of mining slag or material from mine excavating along the skiers left sides of the trail.

It seem mining for silver was big in the cottonwood canyons 125 years or so ago.

any refernces as to the early days in the canyons that anyone has read?
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The whole Wasatch range had or maybe still has large deposits of silver.and gold. Park City was a silver mining camp. back in 1800s. I thin Park City was the 2nd largest silver mining district in the nation. The Comstock load was the richest. The Hearst fortune was made in Park City Hearst bought a claim for a few thousand dollars from a broke miner. He dug another 30 feet and hit a vain that netted over 40 million. There are over 1500 miles of tunnels under Park City Mountan Resort and Deer Valley. I don't know much about the history of The Cottonwood Canyons. Alta at one int was a real town with a main st and in its hayday had a population of 5000-7000. Brighton in The Big Cottonwood canyon was a summer retreat for Brigham Young. If you take a look at some topo maps. There are tons of old mines marked from Logan on down. Like all good Western areas there are legands of lost mines and buried treasure For a hobbie a friend goes up into the mountains and pans for gold. He has found a few flakes of gold but will never get rich. On a hike I found an old claim, a name was carved into an Aspen tree with a date from 1897. It was right by an old slush box and rock foundation of a cabin.
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huh ... Wasatch gold eh ... Gold is around $650/ounce ... welp, I gotta go - heading to Walmart to get some picks and shovels
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