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Now I'm a REAL skier

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I finally got to use my 'coat rack' for their intended purposes - I had my first runs of the season this past Sunday. Although the conditions were not ideal, they did allow me to do some skiing! Hey, ya gotta take what ya can get sometime, no?

I got so excited that I bought an 8 hour ticket instead of the 4 hour ticket. That was mistake number 1. After skiing for just about 4 hours, I was tired, but I didn't want to take a break. Mistake number 2. Well, to make this short, mistake number 3 can best be summed up as a difference of opinion between my body and my skis as to where we all should go. I said let's go down, the skis said "I dunno, a think across the hill is pretty nice, so let's do that instead."

Looking back up the hill, clutching my left knee, my skis were parallel to each other facing skier's right. Beauty. F*ing beauty. Another guy stoped and brought my skis down to my - that was super friendly of him - and offered to send patroll up with a sled. I declined and sat there on the side of the run for about 5 mins, then got up, put skis on and skied back to the lodge. At the moment of stepping out of my skis by choice, I knew I had finally arrived -
"You're a real skier now, dumba**."

After skiing injury free for over 20 years, I finally went and hurt my knee - left knee, ligaments, nothing broken. I'll know the extent of the damage after my appt with the orthopedist tomorrow afternoon. In he meantime, I'm hopped up on drugs, and planning for the next season's trip.

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Oh. I am sooo sorry!
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oooohhhhh man...

so sorry to hear that...

look at the bright side, you are now a prospective member of ETAC......Elite Torn Acl Club, youll get your full colors upon diagnosis! (hehehe, boy am I gonna get crap for that.)

been there, done that, will be happy to answer any questions or listen to gripes...there are so many people on this forum with good solid advice to help you along as well!!

mean time...Rest Ice Compression Elevation does WONDERS for the pain....
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And there are plenty of very cool knee braces around now...good status symbol.

Good luck for the recovery....work hard at it.
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Yeah, I'll echo that - tons and tons and tons of ice!

Good luck - and try not to get too despondent.
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I hope it's not the ACL. But do take care and let us know what the Doc says.

BTW,after about 48 hours check to see if icing your knee will still be effective. Also it should have been elevated above your heart in order to minimize the swelling.
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Yes, let us know how it turns out...
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Sorry to hear about your injury, best o' luck at the your appointment...recoveries from arthroscopy can be amazingly quick if the damage is minimal and the surgeon good. Just don't try too much too soon. Swimming is great non weight-bearing rehab exercise. Good Luck!
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