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endlessseason???? Monthly Record????

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endlessseason dude

There is a guy in Bozeman MT named Crazy Dave that may have you beat. A bunch of people in Bozeman make it a point to ski every Month. In 93 Crazy Dave told me he had be skiing every month for the last 20 years. This streak may have been broken in late 94 or 95. He quit taking his meds and as a result was (probably) incarcerated for a while.

Another guy, Mad Mike has also set some sort of record, he skied daily at Bridger Bowl for 10+ seasons without ever buying a lift ticket. He finally got caught and is Banned from Bridger Bowl for life. His MO was to hike to mid-mountain Bridger and ride the lifts from there.

Bozeman locals should be able to validate these story's.

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Hey Nord,

Sounds like Bozeman's got some real wacky characters. If this Crazy Dave really did ski monthly from the 70's to the 90's, hopefully he was sane enough to keep documentation. It would be a shame to not be able to prove a streak that long.
Of course, if he was on meds at the time he may not have cared about that stuff--maybe he was only doing what the voices told him to do......those dang voices.....
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Bozeman doesn't have any wacky characters. We question the sanity of the rest of the world.

I met a group of fanatic skiers at the Montana Ale works that claimed to ski at least once every month. Their vacation for the year was being helicoptered into a cabin in the middle of nowhere in the Canadian Rockies so they could hike up remote mountains to ski down (definitely an earn-your-turns group).

As for the guy getting caught mid-mountain, I haven't heard that one but it makes sense. At Bridger Bowl there are two lower chairs that you take to get to the upper chairs. For most of the season they never checked my pass except at the base area. That all changed towards the end of the season when they started checking passes on the other lifts especially on Alpine which would be the easiest to hike to. When questioned one of the lift operators said rather tersely they had been catching people sneaking in.
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By the way, slightly off topic - Endlessseason - I know a while back, you were inquiring about the video/pics from my heli-ski trip to Valdez - you can check it out on my site - I finally had a chance to add that section!

Thanks & keep turnin'!
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Slightly off topic? Heli-skiing is always on topic. Great pics of some of the scenery but I can't get the video links to show....is it just me?
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I had the same problem. Great shots of the mountains but no action.
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Boooozeman, OMG....

I went to College there, 74-76.

Used to work at Sound West, taght a little skiing, and sometimes went to class.

Did some work for the folks at After the Goldrush too. They used to blow up their sound equipment on a regular basis. Powering those lights in the floor.

Geez, I miss Bozeman. Bozeman was where I had my first motorcycle, first sportscar, first powder turns, first "real" girlfriend, first nasty hangovers from tequila, and first, ummm, well it's still illegal, never mind

Miss all my hair from back then too... LOL!

¯¯¯/__ SnoKarver snokarver@excite.com
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