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Great Big FANY ride.

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Any Bears participating in the Great Big FANY ride beginning this weekend and continuing through the 29th/30th???
I have volunteered to drive the big equiptment truck which will be carrying your tents, sleeping bags, clothing, other gear, and the portable showers.
For those not aware it is Five hundred miles Accross New York by bicycle: www.FANYride.com
For those participating be sure to say hello to the gear truck driver.
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My Job.

They load their own gear before 08:30 every morning and I drive it to the next campsite and (with help) unload it by 12:30 so they can set up again when they get in.
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WOW what a Blast. Like skiing a great bunch of folks from all different places and socio-economic backgrounds. "Canada Bob" a retired railroad engineer with a beer gut to match mine left at 4:30 every morning and beat the truck to the next campground. A Mother & Daughter from Tennesee, Several folks over 60 years old who do these types of rides all the time and also a few in their early twenties who had never done a big ride before. Many of you may already do these types of rides but it was new to me and I can hardly wait till next year's. Definitely worth checking out, and as I understand from several of the riders a very good value ride too. And oh yeah, the food was very good, the beer plentiful, and the wine tasting in the Finger Lakes region the best evening of the trip.
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Speaking of FL,
my goal one of these years soon:

Lot less epic time,tho.
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