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fila inlines?

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Are FILA still making skates? Where to buy in Ontario?

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Yes, they are.

Can't help with Ontario, but our local Fila rep also runs a forum:

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For the record

myfilaskates.com lists Elan Monark as distributors.

81-H Brunswick Blvd
Tel. +1 51 44 21 7871
Fax +1 51 44 21 7394
E-mail: hfues.elan@monark.com
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Hello Comprex. Is all well? I've been off this site a lot in the past times...
I haven't skied this winter at all. Rather I went to watch my sono train
speed inline...I've gained a lot by that!!!
The coach, a former Fila team racer, says that if they will train hard enough
this next winter, they stand a good chance to qualify for next spring Italian Championships.
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Thanks for the e-mail address!
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Originally Posted by Nobody
Hello Comprex. Is all well? I've been off this site a lot in the past times...
You haven't missed much; it is really good to hear you're healing and happy.

Question for you: what is the Italian coaches' policy on large wheels, 90mm and taller, for juniors?

BigE, the question was actually very timely, we have not been happy with the local distribution or repair service, so I might be making some calls myself.
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comprex: FYI, the email bounced! I'm contacting them via their link on the website, which has NEVER made mention of fila...

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Comprex, I do not want to steal this thread from BigE...shall we continue via PM? Or start a new thread? Yuor call! Ciao!
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