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Oregon Bears

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Need help from the Oregon Bears. I am going on a golfing/fishing trip (more emphasis on golf) with three buds in Southern Oregon the first week in August. We are thinking about the Medford, Klamath Falls and maybe the coast area around Gold Beach. Would like to play Bandon, but it's too expensive. We want to find good courses and great camping areas. We have been to Bend many times and are looking for something different and further south. Thanks.
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Sorry buddy, this is a topic for off season sports. Unless you plan on skiing on the golf course
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I know there are courses in Gold Beach, Brookings, Coos Bay, Bandon (not the Bandon Dunes courses), Medford and Ashland, among other places, but since I don't golf, I have no basis for comparing these places to Bandon Dunes.

There is a so much good fishing in Oregon. Here are a few opportunites in southwest Oregon from the Umpqua River south to the California border since that's the area I'm most familiar with.

Early August is the very beginning of Salmon season on the coast. Fishing regs are pretty complex in this part of Oregon and reflect the dynamic nature of salmon and steelhead runs, but you can probably get into some chinook and coho in the Rogue River estuary at Gold Beach. I'm pretty sure the mainstem of the Rogue and the other larger south-coast rivers -- Chetco, Winchuck, Sixes, Elk, Coquille, Umpqua -- will be closed to salmon (and where applicable, summer steelhead) until later in August or early September. But the ocean salmon season is in full swing, and fishing has been very good. If you want the best chance of catching salmon this time of year, and you're not towing a big boat, there are many reasonably priced charter boats out of Winchester Bay, Charleston, Bandon, and Gold Beach that will get you into the fish.

There are some coastal lakes further up the coast -- Tenmile outside of Lakeside, Tahkenitch outside of Gardiner, and others -- that are popular with largemouth bass fishermen, and there are a couple of dozen smaller lakes in the Oregon Dunes that are planted each spring with rainbows and that, at this time of year, will still have some holdovers. But if you want to do technical, tailwater-type flyfishing for big, stream-born trout, you would need to go further inland, say to the "Holy Waters" stretch of the Rogue upstream of Medford, which is comparable to the Green below Flaming Gorge, the San Juan, etc.; or the Williamson down outside of Klamath Falls.

The mainstem Umpqua from about Winston downstream to Scottsburg has some killer smallmouth bass fishing this time of year. The lower Umpqua above tidewater is a slow, relatively shallow, relatively warm river, too rocky in many places for an extended driftboat drift, but ideal for a daylong float in shorts in a pontoon or kickboat. There is some good wading from the bank also in many spots.

The North Umpqua is a different story. It's more alpine, cooler, and more pristine than the lower Umpqua. It gets hammered pretty hard for summer steelhead since it has a rep as a legendary angling destination. But I've never seen it get crazy here the way it can on the San Juan or the Fryingpan. If you have never been to the North Umpqua, it's a must see. There is a ton of great camping in developed USFS sites along the river also. The nicest part of the river, and the nicest campgrounds, are probably in the 20-30 mile stretch centered on Steamboat Creek.

As for coastal camping, there are some beautiful undeveloped spots on the Elk River between Langois and Port Orford. There's a paved road that heads up the river from Highway 101. It turns to gravel after a few miles, and the camping pullouts start appearing soon after the asphalt gives way to gravel.

Further south, there are some great spots along the Rogue from Gold Beach upstream to Agness. Quosatana, Foster Bar, Lobster Creek -- just a few of the many great campsites right off the Rogue River road when you drive upstream out of Gold Beach. If you drive downstream along the Rogue from Gold Hill, you might want to check out the Indian Mary campground near Galice.

The scenery on highway 101 between Port Orford south to the California border ranks right up there on the gape-o-meter with anything on the planet. It reminds me of Big Sur. The beaches are deserted, the views go on for days...it's just stunning. But it's almost always windy, so as tempting as camping on or near the beach may seem, you way want to get a couple of miles inland.
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Thank you, I really appreciate the info.
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Originally Posted by Lucky
Thank you, I really appreciate the info.
No problem.
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Are you driving down from Wa? If so, are you taking I5 or 101?

If you are going down 101 don't forget to stop by and say hi (my family owns the RadioShack here in Tillamook). There's a bunch of decent courses around the coast area up this way, although a few hours north of where you'll be.
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Memo, we will probably go down I-5 until Eugene (coming from WA), but our plans could be subject to change. We love back roads. Most of us have seen the Oregon Coast many times, but it never gets old. If it works out we will stop by and say hi. Thanks.
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