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The Biggest Joke of All

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Why does anybody EVER buy a 2 day lift ticket?
Example: Okemo 1 day adult weekend ticket = $62
2 day adult weekend ticket = $112

Your savings on the multi-day ticket $1.00 per day!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS??? You're buying them though aren't you?
Who are you? Why? Why do you do it?

To save 5 minutes at the ticket window? Do you think you're getting a deal? They're locking you and your family into coming back tomorrow, no matter what, at -40 degrees or in the pouring rain, by saving you a buck each!!

This is how they they reward you for your loyalty? It's a joke.
What happens if you get sick and can't ski? You ever try to get your money back on that one? Good luck. Don't forget to buy yourself a toe warmer at the base lodge with the dollar you saved!!

I know some resorts actually do make it worthwhile to lock in the second day, but around here, I don't think there are many.
I know that years back, Stowe made it worthwhile but I'm not sure that its still the same.


Me, unless I'm going somewhere for a week, I'll buy them by the day. They can all take their phony multi-day lift tickets and shove them up their corporate a@#%&!$.

OK, I have been drinking a bit tonight.
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I agree that multiday lift tickets are dumb but you save $12 at okemo(beer-math not a good combination [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] ") unless you're staying a week, stay away from multiday tickets! I don't understand why anyone would buy a two day ticket unless I knew the weather was going to be great the next day. I really wish some ski area out there would say "you know what, lets try to undercut our compitition by selling the cheapest lift tickets out there" I bet the first one to do that will make a ton of money!

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my beer math shows that to be a case of beer per day savings!
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Beer+Math= :
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Originally posted by laseranimal:
I agree that multiday lift tickets are dumb but you save $12 at okemo(beer-math not a good combination
Holy CRAP!! I just woke up on the floor with an empty bottle of 12 yr. old Glenmorangie Scotch blowing across the floor. And my front door was wide open! I think somebody was at my keyboard editing my posts after I passed out.

Some homeless guy was F%$@&ing with my math! Holy F%#&@!! WHY?
WHY do they do that??
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I hate it when that happens
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I agree...I to have been drinking too much tonight!
And I do agree that it is a waste to buy multiday tickets. Spend the extra time (before the lifts open to herass(sp) the person at the ticket window. Tell them how the corp is wasting your time and justifying thier job by not offering a multi worth picking up. They in turn will screw the corp by stealing, burning time on the clock, getting in extra turn etc. The corp in turn will NOT offer a multiday worth getting the following year. Isn't life grand. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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