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Your help guys and girls...please!!

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4 guys going to heavenly for 10 days(travelling from Scotland).Firstly,when is best to go?we can travel between mid January and March.Where is best to stay,we are thinking of a casino hotel,but if theres better,let us know~(we really do like to party........hard!!).Thirdly is there a airline that does flights from San-fran to Reno?Thanks for your help.............if you need any questions answered regarding Scotland,we will return the favour!!!!
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Hopefully you're not planning on skiing only Heavenly during those ten days... if not it's going to be a long ten days imo.

I think Frontier Airlines fly that route at the very least.
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Lots of places to stay in Reno as well as South Lake. What kind of accommodations do you seek? There's the complete range of possibilities.

Also, as kelly001 mentions, don't discount the many other great ski resorts around the lake!
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M-Man, you can get from SFO to Reno on Southwest Airlines, United, and others. Fares are reasonable, and can usually be arranged as a continuation of your international flight after passing through customs in SFO. You may even be able to find commuter flights directly to South Lake Tahoe. You could rent a car and being mindful to drive on the right, reach South Lake in about 4 to 4.5 hours from the airport. Renting a car has a lot of advantages if you want to do things like tour San Franciso, the wine country, or reach alternative ski areas.

The casinos: Harvey's, Horizon, Ceasars, Harrahs, all have reasonable accomodations, and encourage you to party and spend. There are hundreds of hotel rooms ranging from 5-Star to Roach Hotel In State Line and South Lake, and most are within walking distance to bars, casinos and restaurants. You can be assured that you won't be the only ones partying, and thats why I can always count on first chair being uncrowded in the morning. Crowds don't seem to reach the slopes on Heavenly until about 11:00 AM. There is a bus system in town that can take you to other ski areas, and to the Heavenly lifts, and of course the Gondola is now just a block from the Casinos. If you are by any chance coming for skiing, there are numerous other ski areas nearby, including Kirkwood, Sierra, and a bit farther away, Rose, Northstar, Squaw, Homewood, Alpine and Sugarbowl.

Avoid Presidents day and Martin Luther King holiday weekends on these dates:
  • 01.13.2007 - 01.14.2007
  • 02.17.2007 - 02.18.2007
Other than that, anytime in the dates you outlined will work fine and should have plenty of snow.
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I strongly recommend having a car at Tahoe for the flexibility to try some of the other areas that Cirquerider mentions. And if it is a 10-day trip I'd recommend splitting the lodging between North and South Shore to get a better variety of skiing with less driving time. Reno is an option for the North Shore half of the trip.
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1. yes, theres plenty of flights from san fran. to reno.
2. if i had 10 days, i'd stay in south tahoe for the nightlife. if not having a car, i'd use the http://www.southtahoeexpress.com/ to get to south lake and airport and take the daily bus to kirkwood and squaw and use the shuttle from squaw to alpine. if you make that trip and dont ski squaw + kirkwood, you'll have yourself to blame.
3. for casinos, harrahs+ceasars are the best. harveys+horizon are a step down and keeps going down from there. if you really want to save cash, theres roomsintahoe.com that are 1/2 to 1/4 of the casinos and are about 2 blocks from them, but thats a big step down in room quality.
4. i'd go as late near march as possible as youre not going to have less snow than in january. check squaw.com snowfall totals records for an accurate snowfall history.
5. a few things i recommend in south lake. harrahs forest buffet on the 18th, harveys diner on 17th and rivas grill.
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