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We interrupt....

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the summer doldrums to bring you this encouraging bit of news:

I skied today.

It's been in the low 90's for several days and the snow is rapidly disappearing from even the high peaks. I figured if I was going to get my July skiing in, I needed to go. This was just a bit problematic because I'm a few days short of six weeks out from the toe surgery I had in June and I wasn't sure how the foot would react.

I rode the tram with the intention of skiing Four Shadows Couloir, which VolantAddict skied (bravo) this past week. When I got to the top of the tram, I could see that the middle of Four Shadows had melted out in the last few days, so I went to the alternate plan.

In this photo of VA's, the Powder 8 Face is the shoulder to the left-center in the photo. My route was the fairly long line just below the ridgeline notch to the left of the peak. It's the spot almost directly below that little cumulus cloud poking his head over the ridge.

So I hiked over to the base of that snowfield, put on my AT boots, and started booting up to the top of the snowfield. My toe didn't mind booting at all, even though I was a little nervous about how it would feel to kick steps into the snow. No problem.

Once I got to the top and clicked into the bindings, I made a couple of jump turns to test out the toe - so far, so good. I started skiing down and the lower I got the bigger the sun cups became.

The snow was soft and mushy and I normally kind of like sun cups, but my toe was definitely rebelling by about halfway down. With big sun cups, I find that it's best to really pounce on the front of the skis in each turn to start bringing the skis around. By midway down, every left turn (right toe is the culprit) was becoming more and more painful.

At that point I was pretty much committed, of course, so I just tried to keep as much weight as I could on the left ski all the way down.

For the first time in a long time, I was very glad when I came to the bottom of the snow. It turned out to be a lot more painful than I had expected, and getting that foot OUT of the ski boot was a religious experience. :

Anyway, mission accomplished... July skiing done. Month 106. The toe feels just fine now but it definitely doesn't want to see the inside of a ski boot for awhile.

I hope everybody else enjoyed their Sunday.
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You knew the pain was going to be there but you went for it anyway.

No pain no gain? Or should it be weigh the cost against the benefit?

Either way you got to test it in a ski boot and survived it while completing your mission:

Three cheers for Bob and his big toe

By the time you go up next month maybe it will be a bit more tolerant of your trip. I surely hope so.
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Good to see your toe didn't keep you down.
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Congrats, thanx for the stoke.
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Way to go Bob. The kids who skied Four Shadows before me had booted up it like you apparently did. Is that how you usually do it? I hope the toe didn't get reinjured. It is so hard to wait to heal when there are turns to be made, my thumb which I hyperextended last season still gets tweaked periodically and hurts like hell, but it's still better than it used to be.
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All right Bob!!
Congratulations on month 106. I looks like August is going to be tough- we have had 2 days in a row over 100 degrees in town, and the same is predicted for tomorrow. I hope that Jackson has not been nearly as bad, but it sounds like it will be a hotter summer than usual everywhere in the west.
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Originally Posted by Gpaul

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Way to go Bob. Where are planning on going to make turns in August? Portillo?
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Originally Posted by JohnH
Where are planning on going to make turns in August? Portillo?
I wish.

Most likely I'll ski something on Beartooth Pass near Red Lodge, Montana. Not nearly as exotic as Chile.

dp: We've really had a pretty mild summer up until the last four or five days. Saturday was the first time this year it's gotten over 90 degrees, so that's not too bad.

VA: To ski Four Shadows, I would definitely hike up just like you did. The only reason I can think of to boot up it would be to practice snow travel or something. Maybe they didn't know there was a hiking path all the way to the top of it. I only booted up the Powder 8 slope because if I had walked up on the melted-out parts I would have had to traverse across some steep, nasty scree to get to where the snow started.
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my streak is 9 months anyone want top fly some snow into Pa so i can get it to 10?

congrat on racking up another month Bob Peters
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