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2007 Phat Luv

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As I was searching for 2007 ski options. I stumbled accross this Site that caters to Outdoor divas.

I know some women were thinking the big pink flowers on the K2's were too much. Looks like K2 listened.
I think these graphix are awesome.
Phat Luv
http://www.outdoordivas.com/outdoordiv/product.asp?s%5Fid=0&dept%5Fid=5070&pf%5Fid=PAAAAA EPBAPFHADM&
Lotta Luv
http://www.outdoordivas.com/outdoordiv/product.asp?s%5Fid=0&dept%5Fid=5070&pf%5Fid=PAAAIA GCEBPHHADM&
Burnin Luv
http://www.outdoordivas.com/outdoordiv/product.asp?s%5Fid=0&dept%5Fid=5070&pf%5Fid=PAAAAA FMMFALHBDM&
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Bummer that they don't make them in a 184.

I think I'd look good on those.

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I bet you would Bob.
Ssh was looking for the 06 Phat luv for his wife because she wanted the old graphix. Maybe she'll like these because they still have a few pink accents.
I think they're sharp!
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I'm with Bob . Those are sweet. I bet you will see more than a few men on them by years end if you can still find them that late.
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If you're looking for cheap 2006, my girlfriend just picked some up from http://www.glaciershop.comfor $399 CAD. And they actually look better in live colour.
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What? No Barbie and Skipper motif?
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My wife really likes the 07 Phat Luv graphics also. She got a pair from a ski shop in Billings, Mt, that posted on the sell forum. $479.
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I have a pair of 2006 Burnin Luvs, and I love the flowers. Hey, I even have the matching poles.

I've just been delivered of a pair of 2007 Lotta's, and I was a bit disappointed in the graphics from the picture (I hadn't seen them in 'person' before I bought them), but they have lovely irridescent sparkly gold swirls that are quite attractive.

A nice compromise I think.
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