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Why the concern of bevel angles?

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Ok, i give up. Ive been reading about edge angles and im now lost. Ive been doing my own light tuning for a few years and ive always used this http://www.swixsport.com/ie5D499.htm on the edge and a flat file on the base side. giving me in theory an 89* edge. Why the 1 and 3 88* combo? Wont the closer to 90 you get allow you to edge faster? and wont it last longer? I understand that you may want sharper, lower angle edges for ice and really hard pack, raciing maybe, but for cruising, bumps, and day to day on piste skiing, is there that much of a prefromance gain?


you guessed it, im kinda new to this finer tuning thing, i learned from my mom who i guess figured most of the basics out herself
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You'll get differences of opinion on this...

...and I'll summarize what I say in my article:

go to http://www.rmmskiracing.org/

SnowNews and Articles page

Go down past all the SnowNews editions to Articles, Richard Malmros, Ski Tuning for Dummies - Redux

The theory of base bevels is that today's skis are so torsionally stiff that even a completely flat base (zero base bevel) is going to feel grabby and make it difficult to start a turn. 1/2 degree for SL is pretty common, 1 for GS, maybe even 2 for Super G and Downhill.

The idea of a side bevel is that you're giving the edge a little more acute angle so it slices through the snow a little easier and holds better. A real standard number that seems to work in a lot of cases is 1 base, 3 side. I have a pair of DH boards that is 2 base, 4 side, and my SLs are 1/2 base, 4 side.

If you start messing around with bevels, the general advice is:

- Determine a base bevel, set it, and forget it...or maybe start low and go slightly bigger if needed. If you go for a 1 base and then decide 1/2 is better, now you've got a problem because you have to grind the base flat and start all over...whereas if you start with a 1/2, you can go up if you want.

- If you're gonna do any side edge beveling, you need to get a sidewall planer and get some of the sidewall out of the way, otherwise you're probably just beveling the sidewall.

- There are lots of opinions on what's the best for beveling tools. I use Sun Valley Ski Tools for the base and SKS for the side. I think they're the best, but you'll hear different things from other folks.

More questions, just ask...
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Ok, that was what i was looking for, thanks. What edger do you recomend/ use, i know there are tons out there that do essentially the same thing, just in a different color.

thanks again
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Take a look at my article...

...you'll see lots of how-to-do stuff along with tool recommendations:

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I tune mine 1 degree base and 3 degree side. I like the following tools.

Base: Toko World Cup Base Bevel Guide

Egde: Side of Beast Pro
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