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Big Ben's wreck

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Ben Rothlisberger, commenting on his motorcycle wreck had this to say:

"They told me that I was literally seconds, maybe a minute away from dying because I slit a vein or artery in my mouth or my throat and it was draining blood right into my stomach and luckily the paramedic noticed it and stopped it or else I would have had too much blood in my stomach,"

I think he is a bit confused. More likely he would have died from aspirated blood.

Anyone know how to stop bleeding in the throat without compromising the airway? The mouth I can almost imagine, put in an OPG, position for drainage, apply some pressure if the source of blood can be reached,..... but the throat?
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It is possible but not effective to press back on the upper esophagus behind the larynx. A better plan would be to stabilize him, place him in the sled head low/body high on his side. He would need a patroller riding to make sure he maintained the position and kept airway and mouth open to allow him to breath and drain blood from mouth. If unconscious he could be intubated and pressure could be applied but that is beyond most NSP personnel. Airlift to hospital and cross your fingers.

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I cannot imagine doing so, and I know we are not trained to do so, but a trach tube to establish airway and then packing the throat might work. The gag reflex would be a big issue I'd bet.

Thats hospital setting stuff tho. On hill, I'd be inclined to place an airway (if I could), suction and transport ASAP. I have the advantage of a hospital within about 15 minutes fo my hill tho.

My mother had something similar due to jaw surgery last summer. The traecheostomy tube was at the base of the collarbones which left the mouth and throat open to treatment without compromising the iarway.
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I think Ben might have been blowing smoke.

I can't think of any major artery in the mouth that would lead to a bleed out.

Certainly no vein would. He probably bit his tongue really bad.
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There's really nothing inside the throat region that would lacerate soft tissue from the inside anyhow.
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