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the big eunuch

reminds me of the "order restored..." headline in today's NY Times.

as far as i'm concerned, the key for the yankees is for randy johnson to get at least close to where he was more often than he does.

the whole division can hit; it's, as always, whose pitching steps up.
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We've got two reliable starting pitchers (Mussina and Wang)... after that, it's anyone's guess.

What's the key for the Chowds? From my limited POV, Papi is starting to look a bit hunched over from carrying the entire team on his back.
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Ortiz is far from carrying this team - the walkoff hits are just all people think about. Manny is putting up arguably better numbers. The lineup with few exceptions has been very productive at the plate.

Both teams are in the same boat - their offenses have been producing very similiar numbers (BA/OBP/SLG):

Sox - .282/.363./.459
Yanks - .282 / .359 / .448

Pitching is the huge question mark and should decide the division - an area where neither team improved at the trade deadline. Like Mussina / Wang once you get past Schilling / Beckett you have to hope someone steps up for the last two months. Wakefield was having a very solid year - but he is out with a rib fracture. Clement has been awful (and is on the 60 day DL) as has been Foulke (60 day DL as well). Wells got lit up the other night and the offense bailed him out. Lester's K/BB is awful but otherwise he has been a really good pitcher.
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shades of grady

So I turn on the Red Sox game in the top of the sixth inning... they get the first batter out, then the Indians nail SEVEN STRAIGHT HITS off Beckett, including a two-run homer and a grand slam. After the first HR, with no action in the Chowd bullpen, ESPN starts cutting to Francona, who's on the dugout steps sucking on his chaw. Incredibly, he actually lets Beckett finish the inning, which he eventually manages... barely.

I guess I understand letting a pitcher get himself out of trouble early in the game (though I think Torre is guilty of being way too patient with starting pitchers who are sucking badly), but 2/3 of the way through the game, after several consecutive hits, don't you do SOMETHING?
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I had the pleasure of flicking over to the game just prior to the grand slam. He did have Hansen up at that point, but left Josh "Ghost of John Wasdin" Beckett in.

What bothered me was that they put up fifteen hits and managed only six runs.
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sometimes - this may sound silly but it's true - things happen too fast, especially when you're talking about consecutive hits. if a pitcher starts missing the plate, if they get wild in and out of the zone, the first red flags go up; maybe he's tired, maybe he's done. two batters into that, you DO get somebody up.

on the other hand, when a guy starts getting hit, it's three or four before the manager thinks, "hey, problem," then smack smack smack smack before the guy you do get up in the pen is ready.

and sometimes, if a pitcher has a rep as "solid" - beckett has certainly earned the right to be given a longer rope - he may get left in longer than someone else, with occassionally adverse results.

not to particularly address francona's decision, just to say that when batters start teeing off early in the count, they can put up some numbers before the relief is ready.

adding to that can be variables such as who is able to pitch - it's relatively late in the year, some arms may be a little tired, and who that's able might be effective.

i didn't see the sequence (got caught up watching maddux carry a no-hitter around awhile in his dodger debut) but there are times when a pitcher can get lit up while still having good stuff.

sometimes you just have to give credit to the hitters.

i'm hoping somewhere in there beckett at least played a little chin music for somebody.

yankees in first.
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I didn't understand if it was confidence in Beckett's ability to get out of trouble, a lack of confidence in the bullpen, or that everything happened too quickly, but they had a 3-1 lead going into the sixth, and to me, it would have made sense to get someone warmed up at the slightest sign of trouble. I wasn't aware that Beckett has given up more HRs than any pitcher in the majors.

Meanwhile, the Indians -- who seem to have a much better team than their record indicates -- were lucky to get out of there alive. They kept their starting pitcher in for eight full innings... well after he had run out of gas (another case of the manager not trusting his bullpen), and Ortiz came close to hitting yet another late inning homer.

Did anyone see that Asian guy Shoo throw a strike to home from deep right field? Good thing Wily Mo stayed at third.
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
I wasn't aware that Beckett has given up more HRs than any pitcher in the majors
hmm, i'd've guessed schilling.

btw, quick little read in today's WSJ, "by the numbers: do managers matter?"
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Originally Posted by ryan
yankees in first.
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evil could not be done

Originally Posted by ryan

yankees in first.
Thank goodness. They couldn't block the Javy Lopez deal. Which they would have...he's just a bit better than the stiff catcher they got from Philly.....

Long way to go. Saddle up.
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i like the javy pickup.
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Originally Posted by hrstrat57
They couldn't block the Javy Lopez deal. Which they would have...
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it's a waivers thang


theo ain't no deity, but dude's payin' attention.
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Two up Chowds.
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Originally Posted by irul&ublo
Two up Chowds.
Do you and Ryan have anything at stake for this season's outcome?
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As if...I'm still waiting for that burger from 2 years ago.
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You chowds and assorted yankee haters are pretty quiet today.
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They're quietly waiting for Javy Lopez to emerge from his 0 for 15 slump since joining the Sox.
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Chowds vs Bombers this weekend

Tough to know which teams will show up... Papelbon and Wang have both tanked lately, Johnson and Schilling are either brilliant or not.

Meanwhile, Jeter is giving Papi a serious race for MVP. Still hitting 350 with big plays in the field.
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chance for the sox to exhibit signs of being a "serious contender" and make a statement going into the final stretch or...get left behind.
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Once again...very little chatter from the Chowds.
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Are the Tigers that good or are the Chowds just playing badly?
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i haven't seen much of the tigers but with the best record in baseball this late in the season, they can't be too bad.
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hate to admit it

... but Abreu seems to be working out.
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe View Post
... but Abreu seems to be working out.
Yeah...I'd say batting close to 400 is "working out".
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe View Post
Are the Tigers that good or are the Chowds just playing badly?
Tigers have good pitching.....

sawx at the moment tho are......well, not good:
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by the way...

Suck Charles River Water Through A Rusted-Out Exhaust Pipe, Yankee Scumpuppies!!!

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online ny times today runs its take on the invisible (or not) geographical border separating yankee fans and sox fans.
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Let's play 5!
Game on!
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Originally Posted by Vt Skier View Post
Does anyone have a bullpen as deep as Papelbon, Timlin, Foulke (if he can regain some form when he returns), and Delcarmen/Hansen? Schilling, Becket, Lester and Wakefield are not a bad four pitchers and the kid is getting great exposure.
As I said several weeks ago... even though there weren't any Cy Young Award winners on the block, Epstein should have done something before the trade deadline.

Looking forward to our next round of batting practice.
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