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Alta knowledge

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I'm going to Alta this winter. I've been there a no. of times, but haven't explored off the main runs as much as I would like. I'm pretty comfortable on most black runs. However, looking to avoid double blacks. I know there's a bunch of cool stuff that requires some minor hiking or traversing to get to that probably doesn't rise to double black category. Any help with directions would be appreciated. I'm going with my son, who's a pretty good skiier. We went last year, but I was reluctant to go hiking as I didn't know where it would end up. I'd like to blame my woosiness on worrying about my son, but it was partly worrying about my body as well. He's young, he can handle a few falls. Thanks for any guidance.
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A "must go" spot at Alta is "Devils Castle". The entrance is right at the top of the sugarloaf lift. Awesome powder skiing.
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Do you hike to the left or is it just off to the left or does it have an actual sign?
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Go up the Supreme lift (look for the Cat) at the top make a Left and walk up to Cathrines. Put on your skis and traverse until you want to start skiing. It's all good, but if you traverse to the end and hike up about ten steps there is a nice bowl to have fun in. Don't tell anyone.
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Want a great tour? Check out the "Black Diamond Challange" it's a clinic that's more of a guided tour of the mountain with a few tips..
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Just work your way out the High Traverse off of the Collins lift.
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devils casle is great and only a 10 minute hike at the most off the sugarloaf chairlift. Also If you don't mind a little longer hike there is castle apron which is a large powder field which has got an awesome fallline and usually has tremendous conditions. However there is about a 45minute hike. I went to alta this past february and went around with a friend that has a house there and this castle apron trail he showed me was well worth the 45 minute hike. Untracked fresh powder all the way down (2.5 days after a strom). Alta is incredible, have fun.
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All the suggestions are great,so much great skiing,so little time.I also loved the cathrines area,but no matter where you go you'll have a great time.P.S. SKI SNOWBIRD!!!!!!!
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alta off-piste

There are only a few places in Alta where it sounds as if you could get into trouble, i.e., steep with no nearby alternate way down...

Trying to ski directly under the Supreme lift and the Supreme Bowl, just to skiers right of the lift, is fun, but there are cliff zones and narrow steeps. You may want to think twice about going there.

High Rustler and the north rustler face (Eagles Nest, Garbage Chute, etc.) are locals' favorites, but you may want to pass on them initially. These are all at the very end of the high traverse off Collins. Again, there are cliff zones and narrow steeps, and consequently, some great powder to be found days after a storm. However, you may find this are a bit much.

High Yellow Trail and East Greely, on the east side of the spine to skiers right of the Collins lift are also challenging.

As others have suggested, Devils Castle is well worth the hike, immediately skiers right from the top of the Sugarloaf lift. The Apron is more typically reached by bearing skiers left from the Supreme lift. The trail into the base of the Apron has a bit of exposure, and you hike for most of your turns, but this is a spot that keeps snow well into the summer because of its sheltered exposure. The top of the Apron is fairly steep, and certainly seems that way as you climb the bootpack, but the snow is deep and soft.

Catherines, a hike to skiers right off the Supreme lift, offers a number of pitches of varying difficulty. The runs are shortish but well worth it. I like going far out, because there is less skier traffic.

Now that there is a HSQ to the top from the Wildcat base, the runs off the old Wildcat double are skied far less than they used to be, and the Wildcat woods, to skiers left of the lift, are full of fun pitches and powder stashes.

One thing about Alta is that the width of skiable terrain served by most of the lifts is often wider than the lift is long, even when you avoid overlapping terrain served by multiple lifts. Even when it looks as if the local powder hounds have harvested everything, there are lots of stashes left in the cracks between the main runs.

Enjoy your trip...
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Thanks for the tips. I'll be printing this page and taking it with me.
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