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I need to get rid of my 03 Salomon Scream Xtra Hot's. Too short and soft for my growing, um, girth. Ther are in PERFECT condition. I babied them more than any ski should be. Zero core shots, let alone no base gouges. Constantly waxed. Not a single thing wrong with them. I bought them new from a demo shop. I skied them the first day they were mounted and bought them thew same day i loved them so much. So they have the 912 TI demo bindings, but you cant tell till you get up close. They are 165 cm.

I really have no clue of what to post them at. $200, 300, what? They retailed for a whopping 1200. Im thinking ebay or here on epic, but i just dont know. There are a few ski swaps in burlington from what i understant, but i dont know if thats the best option.

edit: here are some pics:

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Actually, in all seriousness post them at what you would like to get for them and see if you get any bites. If someone wants them they will buy them. If you don't get anyone who is interested then lower the price or pull them off the market and use them as rock skis. I rarely sell skis because after a season or two of use they are usually pretty worthless, and I like to keep a good number of rock skis around in case the conditions warrant them.


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