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Accomodation in Vail

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We're planning our first ski trip to Colorado in Feb 2007. Our current plan is to to do 1 week at Vail and 1 week at Breckenridge.

One thing that worries me a bit is that there seems to be considerable variation in how the rooms are decorated within each lodge. Some have quite neutral modern fitouts where as some others seem to be quite ornate with wagon wheels or dead animals on the walls (I'm not being critical of this style, its just not me).

Any recommendations for 3 - 4 star accomodation in Vail for a studio or 1 bedroom apartments with full kitchen and neutral decor?

(as a reference point we've stayed at Whistler at 'Aspens on Blackcombe' which we thought was about the level we like)
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We stayed here and loved it. Perfect for the hubby and myself and directly across from Golden Peak. If we ever go back, I would stay here.

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If your skiing either Vail or Breckinridge for a week. I would suggest picking your alternate resort a little further from the Denver Metro area. Aspen, Crested Butte, Steamboat or Telluride would all be less crowded.

Gold Peak is a nice location in Vail. Quick access to the good skiing and close to town.
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thanks for the advice

thanks for the responses

I hadn't thought about the proximity to Denver being an issue - I'd like to go to Telluride, but we won't have a car and I imagine its quite a haul from Vail by bus - I think Steamboat might be the choice!
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Vail and Breckinridge are the two busiest resorts in Colorado.It probably wouldn’t be that big of deal, except on weekends.

There has been a ski pass war in this market and they sell season passes extremely cheap, to entice skiers up from Denver. While this is a great deal for some, imho it’s not a good deal for the destination skier, who may have paid more for a weeks pass than the guy he’s behind in line has paid for a full season.

Since you’re spending a lot of money to get here. I think that some of the more remote resorts offer a little better atmosphere. Logistics may be a little more difficult, but not insurmountable.
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http://www.simbarun.com (Vail) has spacious condos that are fairly modern and neutral.
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