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What ski should I get?

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I'm 5'9" or so, weigh 157 pounds, probably high intermediate to expert skier, but aspiring expert. I like to ski powder and moguls the most, but ski it all usually. The ski I'm looking at most and like the most is the Machete Sin 165 cm. It comes with the marker 1400 comp piston control bindings and the machete poles for $550. That is by far one of the best deals I have heard for a ski I'm looking at. The only hold up, and a slight one, is the ski length for my size. I probably only have an inch or so to grow at most (I'm 17 years old) though, and hopefully ont many more pounds. And worst comes to worst, I'll have to buy another ski in a couple of years but still keep the awesome bindings. The length also doesn't bother me as much because it is a really stiff ski, and a really fat ski, and I heard you size down for those.

The other skiis I'm looking at are the Rossi Bandit XX and XXX, but haven't found near as good of a deal on any of those skis as the Machete. Are these good skis? Which one would yall go for? Thanks alot for any and all help.
Happy Skiing!
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Try the ski selector on epic ski's home page; it works very well.
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or the Gear forum...
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