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Travel to Mt. Hood

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Does anyone know how to get ahold of whatever shuttle or bus services are available from Portland to Mt. Hood in the summer?
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C'mon Weems- Just have Victor fly you right into Gov Camp!

Or maybe a little dryland, and jog there! HAHA

What's happening at Hood? Just going to play? :
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greyhound. stops at the huckleberry.
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Thanks Chris. What's the Huckleberry? Is it easy to get from the airport to Greyhound?

VSP, my 16 year old is going to race camp with his team from Aspen, but they're driving and he's coming from the East Coast, so he goes through Portland.
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Originally posted by vail snopro:
C'mon Weems- Just have Victor fly you right into Gov Camp!
Actually that's a good idea. We haven't used Too Tall Airlines in a while!
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The Hucklberry Inn is the bus stop in Govey.
I hope your pilot flies a helicoptor because that's about all you could land there(although I don't know where).
Most of the camps arrange their own airport service. I don't know of any independant ones. Try calling Timberline. I'm sure they would know if there's something.
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Thanks. We found a shuttle out of Portland. Works great.
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Should have called me. I'd drive you there just for the gas. I can ski T-Line free.
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Where have you been jyarddog? I was getting worried.
I'll be in on the 5th of July. They're sending my ticket. I don't know which airline yet. It usually takes some time to get everyone accounted for. I'll call if I get a chance.
How's Terri doing?

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Things are a bit rough and harried. We'll make plans.
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