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I see where Meadows has a NO tolerance program after the death of a skier.
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Yup , no warnings , hosts are equiped with radios and wire cutters .
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Originally Posted by slider View Post
I see where Meadows has a NO tolerance program after the death of a skier.
So what does that mean?

I had an incident yesterday at Killington. The line was skiers left and it was the expert section of the trail. It was steep and bumped up with ice too. So I came down that section close to the edge. There was a group of about six people standing around in the line (standing, not sitting as is the norm). I skied right past them and around them as well with speed but good control. There was a patrol man there who started yelling at me. I started giving it back, but shut my mouth to avoid making it worse. One of the boarders said "I'll come down there and kick your @ss, old man". So I got the hell out of there in case he meant me: : I hardly consider myself an old man.

Any way, the patrol man may have had a point. But why six people standing in the best line. They had already scraped off the rest of the trail. That's not right.
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Originally Posted by Martin Bell View Post
I remember taking a group of beginners on to a trail for the first time, and telling them "If you hit and hurt someone here, it's your responsibility, just like on the roads". I saw quite a few surprised looks; they were probably still thinking that skiing was just like another theme park ride.
Yep. every time (every single time!) I tell a group of adults or kids that you may not hit other people and if you do, you will be held responsible even in a court of law. And every single time, someone asks "but what if it's an accident"?

Is there any other sort? Why do they see skiing as some kind of rollerball contact sport?

It scares me that there are so many people who think that control in skiing is so random and tenuous that hitting someone is a normal risk in skiing.
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True Confessions

I actually hit someone at Taos about two years ago. Both he and I were in a slow skiing area and both of us were skiing slow (I was less than 20 mph). I was slightly uphill. But he was a beginner, skiing erratically, and took a line where he skied right into me (he did a zig zig instead of a zig zag).

So here is the best part. Rather than slam into him and potentially cause injury I opened by arms and gathered him in a big bear hug. The impact took him out of both bindings and me out of one but I stayed on my feet no problem, I was able to absorb the impact with my thighs.

As you may have already guessed, the kid was a beginner about eleven or twelve, I would guess that he was slightly over a hundred pounds. But even if he weighed more I am still pretty sure that I wouldn't have had a problem carrying him.

Needless to say, the kid was pretty scared and was screaming his head off, but was not hurt. Neither was I, and there was no gear breakage. I hung around for a while just in case anything was wrong, but everybody seemed ok. His mom was just a little farther down the hill and was there to make sure everything was all right.

The reason I tell this story is that no matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. This time both I and the kid were lucky, but you never know the next time. Also, I'm pretty sure that if I had popped into him, rather than carrying him, that something bad could have happened.
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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post
So what does that mean?
First I should say that I am not Patrol or Safety Patrol , although I have been a shift supervisor for the safety patrol before and my son is currently on the safety patrol . So , my comments are only my own opinion and observations and should not be construed as the mouthpiece of the resort . Patrol has been clipping passes without giving a warning . To the best of my knowledge this has been occuring at a few key merges and what are called "comfort zones " at Meadows . Depending on the situation and the persons attitude the pass can be retrieved after a week or after viewing a film and presentation in the lodge mid-day . There has been a dramatic increase in passes pulled in the attempt to get peoples attention that unsafe behavior will not be tolerated . I don't believe this enforcement is taking place outside of congested or beginner areas . Meadows is a awesome place to ski , it just seemed that people were being too careless with the safety of others and something needed to be done . There is a blog that can be viewed (Dave's Blog) at skihood.com that has the official position of the resort as well as some other interesting topics related to one of the better if not best places to ski in the Northwest.
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The code applies to the whole mountain. Slow zones are especially important for control and consideration. Newbies don't have a clue. Safety problems that occur in the slow zone IMO are more serious than those that occur on the mountain, with the exception being speed. You should not hit someone anywhere on the mountain. I try extra hard to becareful in slow zones. On the mountain I try to stay in my line.
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Our area does not have (or apparently want) a "safety patrol", so the regular ski patrollers are charged with enforcing behavior as part of our job. We will call down somebody going dangerously fast in a crowded area or skiing to the point where they appear to be out of control. If somebody is going a zillion miles an hour in the middle of a wide slope where there is nobody to run into...that's fine with us. We are not "hard cases" by any means...we'll warn them nicely, explain the "why", and mark their ticket. Do it again and their ticket is gone.

The only thing we have almost zero tolerance for is skiing a closed trail. If there is an excuse, it had better be a really (!) good one.

Ditto for lowering the restraining bar on the chairlifts.

It's not a big deal and not a big problem for us. I think the patrol is viewed as "good guys" at our area.
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