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pole thoughts

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aren't poles really just about comfort? sure you want them the right length, light weight, durable, etc., but in the end, isn't the deciding factor the comfort of the grip and the overall balance of the pole? for most of us recreational skiers, of any level, is there really that much differentiation between the brands, straight vs. bent poles, etc., other than the overall feel and comfort of the pole?


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Overall, you answered most of your comments with your question right off.

Bent poles are mostly for speed events GS, SG and DH with the more radical bends as they progress.

Construction and materials; this is where much of the game starts. High end alu poles will last quite a long time and are resistant to developing bending and distortion. My kid actually had a pair of low end Scotts with visible bend after one day of use. His upper end Scotts hold up very well. With composite poles I would tend toward a solid versus a hollow design just for durability. My older Goode solids have held up real well but I have seen bunches of shattered hollow poles ... drawback to the Goodes is that I hate the wimpy straps.
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