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Making Snow at the K!

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Well, maybe not to ski on, but Killington turned the guns on for the first time this year yesterday. We're getting closer to openning day!
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Over at the powder mag boards I think they had some pics of a few guys skiing it [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Does that mean they'll declare today to be opening day?
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Knowing K-Mart . . . Yep . . . [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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They do this every year. Get a couple of pics of snow on the website. Openning day means when the ticket window opens up. I did the openning day thing once when I had a season pass: I was openning the share house that weekend. 3 runs in three hours on East Glade. They herd you into the back of a pickup like cattle, drive you up to the canyon quad, and the you ski down EG to the Glades Tripple where there is a line like you will never see there when the season is in full swing. Not bad, considering it coast me nothing extra. They charge $25 for that. If I had to pay that, combined with a hotel, it would not be worth it.

Openning day won't be before the first weekend in November. Pre-ASC, they would open as early as now. That was when it was about pride.
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