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The Rolf wheelset is anything but fragile. If he wants to make a significant reduction in weight, here is the place to do it. I suggest that he ask someone with real knowledge, such as Lennard Zinn, www.velonews.com or l.zinn@comcast.net . Lennard is who suggested them to me and so far, he has not been wrong.

Rick H
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I thought Rolf was no longer in business. Another buyout by Bonti/Trek :

A friend of mine had Rolf wheels/hubs, and one of the hubs went bad, and she said that Rolf didn't exist any more. Anyone got the straight scoop?

DChan - You having another fit of upgradeitis? Not that there's anything wrong with that . You've got a pretty light bike there. Granted it's smaller than mine, but my stock Klein (alum w/ carbon seat stays) is 18.5 lbs, in a very large frame, but without the light and battery: . Although I don't buy into the rotating weight stuff, because it only applies during acceleration, and once you are moving at speed the weight actually helps you maintain speed (could be a problem on those steep downhills on the streets of SF) due to the inertia, I do think there is a huge range of weights for wheelsets, and you can often lose a good amount of weight there. You've already got all D/A,and a good fork, so there's not much left, except the seat and post, maybe lighter bars, but I don't know how light your current bars are. The next, and probably biggest gain you could get, as was already mentioned, would be to cut a couple pounds off your body weight. Maybe look for lighter shoes and pedals? Ride nekkid :
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John H

As of three weeks ago, Rolf was still in business. They did, however, seperate from Trek a couple of years ago. They are located at: www.rolfwheels.com Your friend should try this website.

Rick H
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Bars are Easton Carbon 90's so not much to save there. Saddle, post and hubs and rims are just about all that's left I think.

My body weight? yeah that's part of the goal.
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