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Park City Hampton Inn

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I get great deals at all Hilton Hotels ($29 pn) and have booked a week in January at the Hampton... $190 for the week

I know its not a resort - but how has anyone stayed there before....

Sorry - cant hook anyone up with these prices... Hotel owners card required to book...

Thanks in advance..

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I didn't even know we had a Hampton Inn.
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I think its by the main road/highway...

Figured what the heck - for that price I will come up and ski for the week... only cost me the plane and lift tix... Ski all day - drink all night,,, the room is for sleeping only..

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I belive Hampton Inn bought the Super 8. So I have stayed there. Its not bad. Its right in the middle of town, A very cool Bar / Resturnat right accoss the street and next door. ++ others near by. The shuttle bus stops right out front, so getting to and from the resort is easier than dirving there and parking.
I give it
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carbonissimo; Thanks for the picture - looks OK to me...

You live in Davie? I live off shotgun rd near weston... Small world

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I pulled it up and it is in Kimball Junction, about a 25 minute bus ride from Main Street. Although there is an express shuttle now and I believe that takes around 10-15 minutes.
The closest resort is The Canyons, the best in the PC area, but there isn't much in Kimball Junction other than Redstone which has a bunch of restaurants and shops, a club called Suede and some other restaurants in the same complex as Suede, and some good restaurants in the area.
There is also a Davanzas now accross the parking lot from Taco Bell, it is kind of a locals favourite, you may like it.

If you want to party I suggest taking the bus to Main Street and taking a cab back. It shouldn't be that expensive.

Just be careful crossing 224 drunk.
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Hey Sorry,

I saw Park City but some how read it as Winter Park CO. SOO nevermind.

I have stayed at the Best Western in Kimbal Junction. Shuttle service is OK out there, Hamtion in is up the street, There is a Ruby Tuesday in the Same parking lot as the Hamption. There is a fair sized Outlet mall by the Hamption. For that price its a good place to stay but its 10 min from Park City
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