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My first serious skis were a pair of green KAZAMA's (1968?) great on short steep pitches. They were wood core fiberglass wrap. I know because after my 3rd season I broke em. Ahhhhh


When I was 9 I first started skiing on a pair of Eidelweiss wood with the screwed in edges eh!? cable binding with the swivel toe.


I went to Dynastar FPS Equipe, then Blizzards. After a 25 yr hiatus I bought a pair of Dynastar Cross66's. Lousey on the flat but marvelous in the moguls and steep terrain. I just picked up a pair of 2nd hand Nordica Dobermann GSR WC's.

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First skis were Fischer Snowbound Crown 189's with voile 3 pin cable bindings.

First alpine skis were 183 stiff BRO's with railflex 14HD bindings.

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