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70+ degree weather on the East Coast

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Who else is enjoying this 70 degree east coast weather? Tomorrow i shall go outside to play some Ultimate.
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It was 72 according to the beacon journal newspaper tower in downtown Akron.
I was out on the motorcycle and wearing shorts to class!
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Wrong approach. The correct way to do it is to face north tomorrow at dawn, prostrate yourself on the ground and repeat the following supplication as many times as you want days of good skiing:

Ullr, you forsaken your children of the east. What have we done wrong?

In preparation for YOUR season, we have donated much money in your name to obtain cards granting us admittance to YOUR local mountainous temple. We have bought much paraphernalia in your honor.

What other sacrifices do you want? We have destroyed the images of Woden and Thor. We do not worship them any more. *YOU* are our strongest imaginary friend. What more do you want of us?

Your humble supplicants.


Think that might help? Its about all I can think of that's left to try - arghhhh!
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Are you aware that this is a skier's web site? Did you know that people on this web site might lynch you for making such comments?
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so do I pack my boots and cross my fingers or should I save the space and bring my in-lines instead?

Maybe I'll bring the boots hoping I'll bring the snow too. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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There's no way in hell that you're going to have decent conditions in the next ten days anywhere in the northeast.

Rent a mountain bike while you're here. The trails are bone dry.
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This weather is torture... but the local forecast on weather.com (as reliable as that is) now says it will snow on Saturday and Sunday in NH.
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I know most of you lot are US-based, but I need somewhere to moan & the people I share an office with are fed up with me.

I have flights, accommodation & time off work booked for a week in Val d'Isere starting 10 days time.

There's no snow. Everything is shut except for a couple of runs on the glacier. What's more, the weather forecast is bright & sunny for the next week.

What do you do for a week in the French Alps if you can't go skiing?
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Romance! [img]smile.gif[/img] I feel your pain, though. Last year we were in Bormio. The conditions were sort of, well, early season Mount Snow.
Whay is intolerable: Some of the gyms I work at automatically switch to a HEATING system in Dec., whether we need it or not.

We are heading up to Sunday River on the 21st. Don't want to promise anything, but sometimes when I get to a mountain, it starts snowing!
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It's 75 or so here in Md. today, and yes, I'm heading to Killington (pro jam) to ski next week. Already have the reservations so we're going. Please somebody tell me it's not going to totally suck. PS my coworkers are also really tired of listening to my ranting. So I thought I'd rant here. :
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If you pack mountain bike, it should be decent.
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Leave the boots at home. I just went up the White Mtns. in NH for lunch. It was warm, 62F. It was raining in Franconia Notch. The grass is still growing in North Woodstock. Golf is still big around here. If you have room for your in-lines bring-em.

They are ice skating on Frog pond on the Boston Commons. The "pond" has a refridgeration system like a hockey rink. Boston set a new record 72F at Logan Int. Airport.

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Been very warm here in Michigan as well. Many areas broke record highs yesterday, and there is no skiing except maybe the UP this coming weekend.

I think you have to be optimistic. It isn't winter officialy yet, and once the jet stream aligns itself in a more east ot west configuration and allows some Canadian polar air to drift south, things could change dramatically in as little as three days and seven days after that a lot of snow could accumulate.

So take heart, think positively, and after I pick up my new skiis I know it will begin to snow big time in a significant way.

So be patient everyone !

BTW Happy Holidays to one and all and ....
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Does ............ small animal sacrifice work?

Heeeeeeeeeeeere Kitty... nice Kitty...

damned.... got away again! :
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Today: Jogging on the beach (Va Beach) this afternoon with a colleague. Blue skies, warm SW wind. We go there every now and then for a technical coordination meeting. Beets meeting rooms. They have wind in the forecast for Saturday. If it's not raining, i'm out for a windsurfing sess in the OBX. If it stays warm, i'll even go out with a shortie.
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Frances: Drink.

Last night I was outdoors in Nortwestern Michigan (that's Lower Peninsula) in short sleeves with 50 degrees at midnight.

Tonight it's 18 degrees cooler and there's actually snow falling in the Northeastern LP. The weatherwonderers say it may be cold enough for snowmaking over the weekend, but it won't be enough to have any resorts open.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by PhysicsMan:

*YOU* are our strongest imaginary friend.
Your humble supplicants.

Think that might help? Its about all I can think of that's left to try - arghhhh!

Do you suppose any deity would appreciate the 'imaginary sentiment?
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This morning they were blowing snow at Bretton Woods and the next few days they should be able to make more as it's supposed to be in the 20's at nite.
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Just heard that snow is supposed to come to New Hampshire this weekend!
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I skied 1 1/2 feet of new at Kirkwood on Saturday and they got another 3 feet after I left...


Sorry, to rub it in guys, but usually I'm on the OTHER end of the weather problems so I have to enjoy this while I can [img]smile.gif[/img]
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There was a fuzzy white cloud hugging the upper slopes of Killington today.....snow guns at work....but it'll take time to lay down a skiable base...
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