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Patrollers sign in an be counted!

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Patrollers introduce yourself.

Role: Patrol Director
Area: Pine Ridge Snow Park, Barre, MA
Training: 1/2 a$$ed senior...need to do skiing portion, never attempted.
Level 1 Avalanche, Mountain Travel and Rescue 1, Instructor
Development, Global Phase II, OEC Phase II, Alpine Toboggan
Phase II
I took a couple years off and some of my instructor certifications expired and I am currently in the process of getting them back.
Years Patrolling: 15 years

A member of my regional staff (EMaRi region of the Eastern Division) has been talking to me about maybe taking on more of a role in the region and becoming the historian.

Spouses and prospective candidates may also introduce themselves.
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I'm the wife of the NSP Eastern Division Treasurer, Jeff Barcus,
and he's one HOT patroller!
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ok-back on topic then..

2nd Year-Berkshire East, MA
Will Probably pursue the senior patroller route.
My Kids think my Jacket is cool--I think it's Heavy.

We have a pretty big patrol for a smallish mountain.

We've drilled the Fractured femur scenario ad nauseum but I haven't (and hope not to) seen one yet.

I handled Lot's of broken wrists (snowboarders) and Ankles, and a few significant head traumas during my first season, though. We have a pretty sizable weekday senior citizen crowd (and I pro during the week) and we see a few AED episodes a season. The acute medical condition (diabetics, heart trouble, stroke) is probably the episode I'm worried about the most-traumatic injuries I''m more comfortable with (and have been all that I've had to deal with so far outside of practice scenarios).

Anyway-I really liked patrol-on these smaller mountains you can actually get a lot of ski time in.

Oh-you often hear from some folks that Patrollers are 'generally less able skiers' --to which I say-come ski with my patrol-we've have an excellent core cadre of topflight skiers and instructors.

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Second Year Patroller at Boston Mills and Brandywine. Just went through the annual refresher this morning.
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Rob Gregory
-Elk mtn. Susquehanna, Pa.
-I'll be on my 4th year
-Full senior as of last year
-Mountain travel and rescue 1, Ski w/an instructor, S&T clinics, OEC clinics... A couple more I forgot.
-75 patrollers at Elk this year, 4 Certs, mostly full senior partol, 1000 vert, 26 trails, >400 anual injuries.

Oh, and thank you for getting back on topic.
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Hans Erdman
Role: Park Ranger/Trail Patrol Director
Areas: Sand Dunes State Forest Rec. Area, Zimmerman, MN, Lake Maria State Park, Monticello, MN and Chequamegon National Forest, Cable, WI.
Training: Nordic Patrol Training, NSP Ski Mountaineering, Winter SAR I - III, Wilderness EMT/WFR Instructor, Groomer Operator Training, DNR Snowmobile Safety Instructor, Backcountry Ski/Snowshoe and Camping Patrol Instructor. (Also, National Mountain Bike Patrol Instructor/Trainer, NMBP Bike SAR Manual Author, Public Safety Cyclist and former SAR dog handler.)
Years Patrolling: Ranger-18 years, Ski Patrol-14 years, SAR Volunteer-34 years
Backcountry Trail Patrol: Ski/Snowshoe Patrol-9 members, MTB Patrol (summer)-7 members (6 do both)


Ski safe,
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ZOG here. 23 years patrolling. 7 years teaching before. Ski Sundown, New Hartford, CT

SKI whenever I can! Still stoked!
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