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Originally Posted by skifex
RicB - Thx I got it! I have taken it literally
I'm sure the translations are hard. It is easy for me, I'm not trying to say anything in your language. But, I think taking it literaly is one reason it works. It sure is easier for me to move my feet than my center of mass. Later, RicB.
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how much do you think about skiing and what you feel from the knees down as opposed to what's going on from the knees up. it seems to be clear what is happening, perhaps how your trying to move your body(or not move) is where your focus should be? e.g. pull up on your feet and your body can move forward. push down and you will move your body back. ect. ect.
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Pressing down doesn't force you backwards if your joints are doing their job. I like to imagine creating a crease across my foot exactly in front of where the leg and foot join at the ankle, increasing the size of the crease as the pressures increase underfoot.

I agree that a good skier is able to pull the feet back if they get too far ahead, and I've had many hours of fun exploring different variations of pulling the feet back for certain purposes (not just as a rebalancing movement), but I would want to make sure it's understood as a fun and necessary variation and not "the way" to ski. The way to ski is to go toward and not away.
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In my mind's eye I'm coming up with an excruciating image of our student attempting to respond to all of the advice given.
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Hi guys,

I think I discovered what the problem was. Instead of dropping myself to the front/tips when initiating the turn, I somehow dropped myself into the center of the turn (at least my mass, my torso was quite vertical). I hope you guys understand what I mean by this, because I find it quite hard to explain a feeling in a non-native language .

JASP, you're simple exercise worked pretty well (hold hands on knees throughout the turn), although it's quite a hard exercise. It sounds simple, but you loose your hands/arms to balance through a turn.

Others, I will be trying each ones advice, although it may take some time, because it's quite high-level talk over here, but I'm prepared to learn
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Thanks for getting back with me after trying that drill. It is interesting that your felt you needed to move your hands. Next time try going slower and keeping them on your knees. The discipline to stay centered is a first step in learning a new movement pattern. The second step would be to maintain that discipline while skiing regularly. The third would be to add some moves that will allow you to exit one turn and begin the next smoothly.
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If I watch myself at video, I see myself carving like the guy on the right...

Holding my arms wide (even without poles), I felt a lot more comfortable.. So the hands-on-the-knees-drill was quite different from my usual skiing position, and, as a relative beginner, not as comfortable.

Had another session of skiing this morning, and the problems seem to be totally gone. I'm really comfortable now, 'edge switching' is a lot easier now.
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