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the patent office

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It was a frustrating week. I tried to get patents on a few things I had been working on.

The lady at the desk was nice enough at first and she started to help me fill them out.

"What is the first device? she asked

It's a folding bottle .... it's called a fottle.

"And the next one sir is a ... ?"

It's a folding carton, it's called a farton.

"That does sound a bit crude a term now doesn't it sir?"

At that point I was so flustered at her response that I grabbed the forms from the counter and just walked out.

I didn't even bother to tell her about my folding bucket!
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Yikes! What if you had a 'folding TGR member'?:
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and his/her mother .... but most of them don't have mothers ...
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