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groomer skis

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i want a ski for groomers and ice. i have some rossi xxx's...so i'm not really looking for something that can do it all...or even most of it. i don't actually want something too versatile, for some queer reason. i'd feel like i was replacing my new rossi's... just somethin versatile enough i can take all over.. say...Snow Trails in central OH and have fun.

i'm an advanced skier..weigh somewhere in the 160's...5'10". like all turn shapes but particularly enjoy short ones -- i don't do a lot of straight lining...turning's what's fun. looking at the t-power viper (s?). also looking at similar super slalom skis and/or gs -- fischer race sc; atomic race 9.12, 9.16, 9.20; head world cup slalom; etc... length? opinions? suggestions? thanks a lot..
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I'm 5'9" and 172 pounds..... 170 Volkl SL's are fine for what you seem to describe. For a pure SL, they are a bit on the long side but the only downside is on ice at the top end.... they do get a bit shaky.

If I could make the ski that you just described I would be $$$$$$$$$ beyond my wildest dreams....

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Snow Trails??? Try any of the Atomic's you mentioned they should be great. The shorter the turn radius the better.

Snow Trails is where AC learned to ride.

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Fischer, Atomic, Head - it's all good - they all make great race skis and all have plenty of world cuppers to represent. Try ta demo so you can decide which you like for yourself, or try to get a deal on one of em, otherwise flip a coin?
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Don't forget to check out Volkl too, esp. P40's - they come in SL and GS lengths, just look/ask around.

I live in Michigan and will be skiingin Michigan on my Fischers unless we get decent snowfall, then I'll switch over to my XX's.
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Definitly demo if you get the chance! Its the only way to go. I'm a Atomic guy, so i would recommend the 9.12s. If ya enjoy turning, than thats what you get(beautiful but intense arcs).
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I would also reccommend that you at least try the atomic Beta carve 11.16. I have not heard much about it (or the 10.16) but they look like very stable fun carvers. They arent race skis, so probably dont require as much focus to ski. I agree that you should demo as mucha s possible to see what really suits your preferences. I am going to try to get on a pair of 11.16's just to see what they lend themselves to (short or medium turns - cant imagine that they lend themselves to long turns).

I'm not sure what is going to happen with atomics race line for next season but it is time that the line was updated (not saying that the skis are bad, but usually race skis dont go more than 2 seasons with out being changed). So you may be seeing some features of the 11.16 built into the race line (would not surprise me at all). Based on past history the carve models for atomic preceeded similar care models... ex) 9.18 preceeding the 9.20.

Anyhow deffinitly demo, any race ski, gs or sl, would suit you just fine. As well as many expert carvers out there. Demo both to see if you prefer the easier to ski carve skis over the muscle of some of the race skis, or vice versa.
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was the ski i described so unattainable, then? that's fun on groomers and is relatively OK on ice? mmm..

i learned to ski at Snow Trails too... had an older, european guy as my instructor for 8 or 9 weekly lessons. he was great, but didn't show up for my last lesson b/c of a knee problem... mom lives in OH so i'll probably be skiing there once or twice this year.

only similar ski to what i think i want that i demoed is the rossi t-power viper in a 160 or 167. it was great, but it wimped out when i really started to push it at higher speeds... (sent me on a rather spectacular cartwheel....)

not too many chances to demo around where i am -- i'll most likely have to take the best deal i can find on one of the aforementioned skis -- cash is scarce.

any other opinions as to length? is about 170 the way to go, you think? any other specific suggestions on skis? thanks a lot for all the replies.
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Geez Phil,

They don't sound wide enough to put the Elan logo on them! [img]tongue.gif[/img] I take it there's a special riser under the binding to prevent boot-out?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by saffron_boots:
Geez Phil,

They don't sound wide enough to put the Elan logo on them! [img]tongue.gif[/img] I take it there's a special riser under the binding to prevent boot-out?
It actually is a special riser. It starts out at 45mm rises about 20mm to the needed 60mm it takes to mount a binding.
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I just picked up a pair for that exact use. Elan Stealths...dimensions: 87/45/87. Yes, they have a 45mm waste. I have yet to ski them, but I got them cheap and there ae more where they came from.
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That was my point...... if you want a high speed cruiser, it's not going to be a short swing trencher. On icy cord, my SL's get a bit shaky at 170..... when compared to the F-1 GS at 188. This year I bought an "in-between" ski, a Stockli GS in 178 to kinda fill the gap. I hope!
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ohh..i getcha, and i know. i much prefer a 'short swing trencher' over a 'high speed cruiser' though. there's hardly enough room to start 'cruisin' here in the midwest, where they'll see the most use. i've tried, it's boring and lasts about 23 seconds.
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You indicated that you:

"Like ALL turn shapes especially short ones"

"Looking at super slaloms or gs or WC slaloms"

"Rossis wimped out at high speeds"

Engineering expression...... How do you want it? GOOD, FAST or CHEAP ..... PICK TWO!

Good top end stability is going to take away from the "short turn" capability..... etc......

Actually, they could build such a ski, but the supply of un-obtanium needed for the torsional rigidity has been compromised by the military for use in the war effort.
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sigh...what a petty useless point.

i said i like all turn shapes, but particularly enjoy short ones -- which would seem to imply that i'd be willing to give up some long turn stability in favor of short turn capability.

the rossi t-power viper wimped out at higher speeds when i really started to push it. it wasn't stability while straightlining that was at issue. it was too soft. this would imply that perhaps i should look at a stiffer ski, or a longer length of said t-power viper, or...? i really don't know, which is why i threw it in there.

i know that there isn't a perfect ski.

if you're going to take apart my posts bit by bit even after i AGREE with you that a ski that does it all on the groomed perfectly doesn't exist, then the very least you can do is do a little bit of reading between the lines before offering up lame sarcastic expressions about war efforts. thanks for your invaluable feedback, yuki.
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Sorry that you took it that way. My point was (and is), that we are in the same boat. I think, I solved the problem by going with a short GS (178 Stockli). One of the ideas last year (while they were end-of-season cheap), was to try a longer SL but how much $$$ can you spend?????? Without a divorce anyway.

Maybe I'm getting cranky waiting for some kind of white stuff. The forsithia started blooming today...... it's raining .... it's spring ... did I miss winter?

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i imagine it's possible you caught me at a bad time this morning (there are no good times in the morning, unless i'm on snow.) my mood did improve considerably when this morning's rain turned into a whitish sort of slush this afternoon. first white stuff i've seen all year that's stuck. it's about friggin time. my car slid through a stop sign...i was grinning ear to ear [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'll post on my "compromise" skis if I ever get to use them. Temps are forecast in the 50's all week and there more flowers on the shrubs and trees.

I'd pack and move if it weren't for minor details like .... wife, house and vested pension.....
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