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Raleigh NC based skier. I need a GOOD shop to mount and move bindings on my "new" skis.

There are 2 ski shops here, neither of which have my confidence after numerous visits to each. In fact, I will never darken the door of one ever again despite having spent hundred$ there in the last few years.

My dilemna: "New" (older) machete sins undrilled, have Tyrolia cyber carbon d9's that need mounted (never used) and I just don't trust the local shops based on my experience with them. Used Volant Chubbs, with markers that need moved to accomodate my enourmous (336mm) boots.

My solution: Either find a shop in Boston, Providence, or Hartford, all of which I visit frequently, or find a template to mount the bindings myself which I feel competent to do (Have a drill press and many years experience at precise woodworking. Even have some old skis to do a dry run on at no risk to the aforementioned).

By the by, this is a great forum, and I have really enjoyed lurking, bit it's time to get real!